I absolutely love a great proposal story, and nothing compares to that moment when a partner declares their ultimate love for their significant other!  We ask every couple that we feature on Philly In Love to share their proposal story, and I must say there are a few that made my heart flutter!  The heartwarming proposal stories below are just a snippet of all the amazing Philly love stories, but these ones are definitely worth the read (and watch)!

Longwood Gardens Engagement Session by Paige Victoria Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings
Carly and Logan’s Proposal Story

See the full feature here: Longwood Gardens Engagement Session by Paige Victoria Photography

The Proposal: “Logan planned a surprise vacation for my 24th birthday, with a little help from my mom he planned a perfect trip! He didn’t tell me where we were going, and the suspense was killing me! When we got in the car to leave he handed me an atlas, gave me a general direction of where we were headed, and told me to pick any place I wanted. He had made reservations for Saturday but left Friday up to me. I love to travel, and enjoy some occasional spontaneity so I was super excited! I chose New Haven, CT because I am ‘Gilmore Girl’ obsessed, and wanted to live like Rory for a day. We toured Yale University, and had an awesome morning exploring. Afterwards he took me to East Rock in New Haven which is a beautiful overlook (especially in October!) We asked a women to take our photo, Logan quickly asked her to switch to video, got down on one knee and popped the question that I had dreamt of for 7 years, and I cried like a baby. I truly didn’t expect it so it was even more special. Once we were able to gather ourselves we got back in the car, and he handed me a folder of our next destination, and it was the cutest bed and breakfast in Washington, CT which is the town Gilmore Girls was based of off, he knows me so well! It was a beautiful little town, and the most amazing weekend together. I wish I could relive it just one more time. There is nothing like New England in the fall.”

Dani and Dom’s Proposal Story

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The Proposal: “November 13th, 2015 — “I have a surprise day planned for us today,” Dom told me. If anyone knows me, they know I love surprises. I was all giddy, and jumpy thinking of everything that we could possibly be doing. Around mid-afternoon, we were in the car, and he told me to close my eyes whenever we were traveling. I agreed, and kept my eyes shut throughout the course of the ride.

Our first stop — Grings Mill

When we pulled up at Grings Mill, I was caught with a sense of nostalgia. This is where we had our first kiss. I always loved coming here because of that exact reason. We walked through the trails, and he brought me to the exact spot where he kissed me for the first time, and I felt just as many butterflies as I did the first time. I just love this man so much. We proceeded to keep walking and when we approached a tree, he pulled out a carving knife, and said “I want us to make our mark here, so there’s a piece of us here forever.” In a heart shape, he carved “D + D” like we were in some sort of teenage movie, but again, if you know me, I’m all about the cheesiness.”

Our second stop — Lake Ontelauntee

Just as it was nearing sunset, we stopped at Lake Ontelauntee, yet another place that gives me nostalgia. This is where Dom and I told each other that we were set on each other. “You are mine and I am yours. Forever.” We couldn’t imagine our lives without one another, and this was the place where we expressed it to each other. We watched the sunset over the lake, and I thought that this had to be one of the best days ever — but little did I know it would be even better.

Our third stop – Our Apartment

So when we showed back up at home, I thought the date was over. I was still so happy with our little trip down memory lane, that I didn’t mind! But when I walked inside, we had a little “picnic” set up in our living room floor with wine and cheese — MY FAVORITE. If there’s wine, I’m there. We cuddled up on the floor surrounded by pillows, and drank our wine and ate our cheese while watching our favorite actor, Patrick Swayze. Can this day get any better?

Our last stop — Boathouse Row

When it was nearing 9pm, and Dom said this day still wasn’t over, I was super confused. He told me to get all dolled up and be ready to leave. I got ready as fast as I could, and we were out the door. Staying true to my promise of keeping my eyes off the road while traveling, I noticed Dom was anxious. He was quiet, but still had his hand on my knee as he usually does while we travel, so I was calm. After about an hour or so, he said we were here. I get up to see the Schuylkill River, and the Philadelphia Skyline — so beautiful. We get out of the car and start walking down Kelly Drive. After a little bit down the road, he pulls me into a grassy area, and says “Look at this!” I walk forward, and turn around to see we are in the middle of Boathouse Row. One of the most beautiful sights to see in Philadelphia. They were all lit up, as they usually are, and beautiful as ever. We sat and talked for a little, until he said “OH IT’S 11:11! MAKE A WISH!” I quickly closed my eyes, and made my wish, but when I opened them, I saw Dom on his knee, presenting me with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I was shocked — and immediately started crying. Honestly I could barely hear him over my own tears. But I heard the words that I have only dreamed about, “Dani, Vida, My love, and my Queen… Will you be my wife?” to which I answered through my happy tears, “OF COURSE!”

Tami and Ryan Photography Surpise Proposal Philadelphia Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings

Dana and McKinsey’s Proposal Story

See the full feature here: Bachelor Themed Proposal at New Home by Tami and Ryan Photography

The Proposal:“McKinsey told us about his idea to propose in the house that they are having built in Philadelphia.  But we had to go one step further, and since Dana loves The Bachelor, we got A Garden Party involved, and created the perfect Bachelor-themed set-up for their proposal! Dana thought she was coming to their new home to go over the punch list and take some measurements.  Little did she know what was waiting in the front room of their future home!”

Romantic Wedding at The Philadelphia Cricket Club by La Petite Fleur Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings

Rachel and Logan’s Proposal Story

See the full feature here: Romantic Wedding at The Philadelphia Cricket Club by La Petite Fleur

The Proposal: “I have a slight ice cream obsession, and am a huge Franklin Fountain fan! Logan always tries to talk me out of waiting in a 30 minute line for ice cream, but this time, he brought me there on his own, asking me to wait outside. I, of course did not want to wait outside for 30 minutes by myself. I also ALWAYS get Mint Choco Chip with rainbow jimmies; however, this time (for some unknown reason) I really wanted a milkshake! SO, I went in to change my order with Logan. Logan; however, had plans of putting a proposal note in the bottom of my usual cake cone. After trying to talk me out of a milkshake, I settled on ice cream in a cup with hot fudge – not very safe for a proposal note. After all of that, he took me to Independence Park where we sat in the grass, me eating my ice cream and him sitting anxiously passing me napkins for my runny hot fudge. When I was halfway through ice cream was melting everywhere – it was late August after all – he pulled out a ring with napkins, got on one knee and proposed! Cheers exploded around the park – little did I know my friends and family had been hiding! We then went to get a drink to celebrate, and all of our friends and family had made their way over there for a big surprise! It was amazing, and incorporated all of the things I loved most! :)”

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Shawn and Jiby’s Proposal Story

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The Proposal: “This one is hard to explain in words. I will let the video tell the story.”

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