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Four Romantic Literary Passages for your Wedding Anniversary

Everything Gentleman Inspiration Ladies

It’s finally a year or five after your big day. You had made a lot of preparations for the wedding (they weren’t so easy sometimes), and now you’re making good on the promises you made in your wedding vows. You’ve gone through so many ups and downs [...]

How to Thank Your Bros for Being Your Groomsmen

Everything Gentleman

Your groomsmen represent an important part of your wedding. These are your bros, and you want to thank them in a meaningful way, with something both personal and unique. Try to avoid something way out in left field because chances are it will [...]

Engagement Party Etiquette

Everything Gentleman Inspiration Ladies Real Engagements

The purpose of an engagement party is to well, celebrate your engagement!  It’s also a chance to announce your engagement if you haven’t done so, and for both families to meet.  Tradition has it that the bride’s family hosts [...]

5 Ways to Make Wedding Planning Exciting for Your Groom

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Traditionally, weddings are thought of as the brides’ job but more and more grooms are now doing their fair share of the planning.  Wedding planning together is a great way to figure out how you and your fiance work together as a team! Most men [...]

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit for Plus Size Men

Everything Gentleman Guest Contribution

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit for Plus Size Men Being big and tall doesn’t mean you have to resort to wearing oversized clothes like the Notorious B.I.G., even more so on special occasions such as a friend’s nuptial or better yet your [...]

The Shocking Truth About Philadelphia Wedding Videographers

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Photo via ExpertBeacon The Shocking Truth About Philadelphia Wedding Videographers 1.) Craigslist Freelancers are filming your wedding I’m going to get into a lot of trouble for telling you this but here goes… Some of the most well [...]

Our Favorite Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Everything Gentleman Inspiration Ladies

Diamonds are forever – but so are sapphires, spinel, and aquamarines!  From Kate Middleton’s heirloom sapphire ring to Jessica Simpson’s deep red ruby, gorgeous colored stone engagement rings are popping up everywhere. We’re loving these [...]

Local Vendor Highlight: Lizidalena

Everything Gentleman Ladies Local Vendor Highlight

Elizabeth Higgins, the mastermind behind Lizidalena a local Philadelphia based Etsy shop vendor, is the subject of discussion today and the feature of our Local Vendor Highlight series! You can find products such as cuff links, necklaces, and [...]

10 Ways to Add “Pumpkins” Into Your Fall Wedding

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When I think of Fall, one of the first elements of the season that I always think of first is. . . you guessed it, pumpkins!  Pumpkins are one of the most thought of adornments to add to Fall festivities.  The smooth, ribbed skin, and orange [...]

Jane and Jason a Traditional Korean Wedding by Aubert Films

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True love exudes a euphoria that can’t be denied. This couple is radiating so bright that we can literally feel their passion for each other. Jane and Jason both said “I Do” on 6/14/14 during a P’ye-baek ceremony. This [...]