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How to Thank Your Bros for Being Your Groomsmen

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Your groomsmen represent an important part of your wedding. These are your bros, and you want to thank them in a meaningful way, with something both personal and unique. Try to avoid something way out in left field because chances are it will never [...]

Confessions of a Philadelphia Bride | Wedding Attire

Bridal Fashion Confessions of a Philadelphia Bride Philly In Love Wedding Inspiration

It didn’t hit me immediately – but when it did, my blood pressure shot through the roof. This might be the most important outfit choice of my entire life, and to top it all off, it had to be white. I mean really, who looks good in white? Dress [...]

5 Ways to Make Wedding Planning Exciting for Your Groom

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Traditionally, weddings are thought of as the brides’ job but more and more grooms are now doing their fair share of the planning.  Wedding planning together is a great way to figure out how you and your fiance work together as a team! Most men [...]

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit for Plus Size Men

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit for Plus Size Men Being big and tall doesn’t mean you have to resort to wearing oversized clothes like the Notorious B.I.G., even more so on special occasions such as a friend’s nuptial or better yet your [...]

Liz and Mike’s Riche Winter Wedding by La Petite Fleur | Weddings and Events

Philly In Love Real Weddings

Liz and Mike were photographed by Jennifer Baumann Photography in front of tangled thickets, a backdrop which contributes to the ‘olde’ winter-garden theme of this marvelous wedding. The bride’s fur coat grants Liz a fox-like [...]

Caitlin and Derrec’s Wondrous Wedding at Front & Palmer by Love Me Do Photography

Philly In Love Real Weddings

Caitlin and Derrec’s Philadelphia Wedding is overwhelmingly marvelous. The two wanderer’s aimed at incorporating their love of adventure and travel into the heart of their wedding. The theme thrived with the support of Papertini’s entwining and [...]

Amanda and Bo’s Fairytale Wedding by Emily Wren Photography

Philly In Love Real Weddings

Amanda and Bo had their wedding at the Rosebank Winery, an idyllic locale for the chosen fairy tale theme. Rosebank Winery blends in with its woody surroundings while maintaining a delicate and ample space inside. The floral arrangements were [...]

Emily and Ryan’s Wedding at Duportail House by With Love and Embers

Philly In Love Real Weddings

Emily and Ryan’s wedding fell upon autumn. Their exquisite decorations and rustic setting at Duportail House created a classic, fairy-tale like vibe that captured the magic of their union. The floral arrangements by Belovely were essential to [...]