5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Band

You already have the perfect engagement ring. Now it’s time to find the perfect band! Choosing your wedding band can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be with our tips below.

1. Start early.

Ideally, you and your fiancé considered your wedding band while engagement ring shopping. Sound a little premature? Seems like it, but if you want your wedding band to fit flush against your engagement ring, you may want to buy a matching set. If you have a specific vision for your band, you may need to go the custom route. Keep in mind that your lead time for a custom piece may be 6-8 weeks.


2. Consider your style.

Are you a classic bride? A lover of all things vintage? A boho girl who loves artisan details? Your wedding band can change the look and personality of your engagement ring. A diamond solitaire can go classic with a prong set eternity band or funky with a row of rose gold studs.

L'amour Diamond Engagement Ring

3. Try it on.

That eternity band studded with large diamonds might not feel as great as it looks. While shopping, take the time to try on different band widths. Take note of how a band feels on the fingers it bumps into. Can you comfortably type and write? Try on a few different sizes, and remember that fingers tend to swell in the heat, in the afternoon, and after exercise or eating salty foods.


4. Match your metals.

Is your engagement ring 14 karat gold? Then consider a wedding band of that same metal, even if you mix and match yellow and white gold. Higher karat golds are softer and can wear differently than lower karat, meaning your rings can have a mismatched patina in a few years. Keep in mind that platinum is harder than gold, so a platinum band might wear away at your gold engagement ring over time.

5. Break the rules.

When all is said and done, you and your hubby-to-be are the ones looking at your rings every day. If you love a band that is not exactly traditional, then go for it! Do you love a fabulously wide band that requires you to switch your engagement ring to your right hand? Be creative and buy the band you love. Mix metals, trust your taste, and smile knowing that you found a wedding band perfect for you.

5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Band

by Lauren Priori