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5 Tips for the BEST Engagement Photos by The Caffeinated Photographer

1.) Time of Day – The “Golden Hour”

There are really only two times of day that are ideal for photography — sunrise up to 1-1/2 hours after sunrise and 1-1/2 hours before sunset, up to sunset. These times are called “the golden hour” by photographers. If you go through any of the real engagements here on Philly in Love, many of the most popular images are photographed at these two times of day.

2.) Choose the location for access to sunlight more than for background

It’s the light that gives a photo drama and character. Find a spot for your photos where the sun won’t be blotted out by tall buildings or trees. Philly in Love has compiled multiple lists of the best engagement photo locations in and around Philadelphia.

3. Feel comfortable with your look

We all have features about ourselves that we would prefer were different. The best photos occur when you relax about what you don’t like about yourselves and allow the true love and carefree attitude you might feel with your fiancé on a weekend hang-out come through on camera. Choosing the right photographer, someone you and your fiance vibe well with, will go a long way to making yourself feel comfortable.

4.) Dress in clothes that compliment each other

The best-looking engagement shoots happen when you look unified by wearing the same or similar colors, at least on top. Try to stay away from patterns with thin straight lines.

5.) Only ask the photographer what to do as a guideline – then be yourselves

The photographer is happy to provide you with suggestions of what to do to get the best candid look, but when the bride-and-groom-to-be are stiff and asking for direction from the photographer after every pose, it kills the candid vibe you hired us for. Engagement photographs are a team effort. It’s a good idea to practice these in a mirror before the shoot so that you feel more comfortable doing these things that can be awkward to do, but look “candid” on camera.

About the photographer:

The Caffeinated Photographer

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