5 unique engagement session locations philadelphia

5 Unique Locations for Engagement Photos in Philadelphia | Pt. 3


We’re back with another installment of “5 Unique Locations For Engagement Photos in Philadelphia”!  We all know about the most popular spots in Philly for photo ops, but I find it special to see couples who choose more non-traditional locations to have their shoot.  In case you haven’t seen the first ten locations make sure you check out 5 Unique Locations For Engagement Photos in Philadelphia, part one and part two.  In addition to those locations here are a few more that we love, see what spots made the list!

Longwood Gardens






Lou and Ashley’s Engagement Session by Ashlee Mintz Photography

“It is always an honor to assist my clients in choosing their locations for both their engagement photographs as well as their wedding day portraits. One of my favorite locations is Longwood gardens. Not only are there endless locations for portraits within the 1,077 acres that this popular garden holds. But there are heated greenhouses, conservatories and even indoor gardens to walk through.There is nothing more romantic than a Longwood Gardens engagement session. Whether you are looking for a glam look or casual, the gardens will be the perfect backdrop for your portraits. Longwood gardens is also opened year round and has a calendar of events to also choose from.

We decided Longwood gardens would be the perfect location for Lou and Ashley’s engagement photographs because there wedding is taking place at the Overbrook Country Club which will be filled with gorgeous florals, overlooking the stunning golf course. We knew that we wanted to incorporate florals for their engagement session as well. This lead us to the beauty of Longwood Gardens.

Are you engaged and looking for a photographer for your wedding?  I’d love to chat about if we might be a good match!  Send me a message and we’ll get in touch!” – Ashlee Mintz

Avenue of the Republic (Grounds of The Please Touch Museum)







Emilia and Jason’s Engagement Session by Ashley Gerrity Photography

The Please Touch Museum grounds are a wonderful place to capture an engagement session.  The front stairs and exterior architecture of the museum have lots of great lines and nooks for photos. And although you are only allowed inside the museum if they are hosting your wedding, the surrounding areas include a swingset/playground, the gorgeous stone arches of the Smith Memorial, and an adorable little cottage in the Sweet Briar Vale, so it is a great chance to get a variety of cool backgrounds with in a close walk. – Ashley Gerrity

Shofuso Japanese House & Garden

Lediana and Jeff's Engagement session by Maria Mack Photography ©2013

Lediana and Jeff's Engagement session by Maria Mack Photography ©2013


Lediana and Jeff's Engagement session by Maria Mack Photography ©2013

Lediana and Jeff's Engagement session by Maria Mack Photography ©2013

Lediana and Jeffrey’s Engagement Session by Maria Mack Photography

I love the area in Fairmount Park just outside of The Japanese Gardens, especially when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, in between the last week of March and the first week of April. Unlike like a city park it’s more secluded, so I don’t have people in the background. Honestly any time of the year is pretty at Fairmount Park!- Maria Mack

Schuylkill Banks






The art museum is a pretty obvious location. I personally like to use areas around the sides and back of it that aren’t like the usual shots we see of the Museum. There is a beautiful azalea garden off Kelly drive that is perfect in the spring. I love the walkway up the side near the waterworks. It is so unique and looks like you are not even in Philly! – Lauren Schwarz

Alma Mater






Laura and Carmen’s Engagement Session by Alison Leigh Photography

“As a wedding photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing a proposal and a few engagement sessions at the Alma Maters of some beautiful couples. I wanted to share my most recent engagement shoot at Temple University since I can relate so well to the couple’s sense of nostalgia being a Temple grad myself. A couple’s Alma Mater is so often the cornerstone of their relationship, or a place where their love grew, was tested and where their love was solidified. It is usually a place they know, and where they feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. The couples typically require less direction and tend to lead the way through campus allowing photographers like myself the ability to capture uniquely candid shots.” – Alison Leigh