5 Ways to Make Wedding Planning Exciting for Your Groom

Traditionally, weddings are thought of as the brides’ job but more and more grooms are now doing their fair share of the planning.  Wedding planning together is a great way to figure out how you and your fiance work together as a team!

Most men may not have an opinion about the color of the table napkins, but there are ways to make wedding planning exciting for them!  Here are 5 tips to make wedding planning exciting for your groom:

5 Ways To Make Wedding Planning Exciting For Your Groom Emily Wren Photography Groovy Groomsmen Gifts Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings

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1. Make him feel involved from the start

Before you can begin planning together, you need to be genuinely open to his ideas and preferences.  It would be pointless to get him involved merely to validate your own plans.

Discuss what you have in mind for the wedding, and ask him if he has any ideas of his own.  Talk about each one, and create a list of the things that you agree on, what you hate and what you love.  Learn the art of compromise – it’s one of the most important skills for staying married.

2. Divide the tasks equally

Grooms actually want to help out their brides, but will often wait for you to tell them what needs to be some.  At the same time, they also want to feel trusted so put your man in charge of certain tasks!

Make a list of all your wedding-related chores, and decide between yourselves which tasks you can each do.  Knowing he enjoyed planning your wedding as much as you did is much more fulfilling, and it could even turn out better than you’ve imagined.

3. Tap into his skills

It would be much easier to get him involved if you assign him tasks he’s interested in.  Is he an artist?  Let him give a hand with the color palettes so the items go well together.  Is he a music-lover?  Get him to plan the playlist for the ceremony and reception.  He certainly won’t forget to add your theme song in there.  Are his accounting skills his forte?  Let him handle the wedding budget so you wouldn’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty.

4. Schedule activities that you can do together

You don’t have to leave all the fun parts of the planning to him.  Cake, food and wine tasting?  There’s a clear “Yes, please!” twinkling in his eyes.

Talk about this with your wedding planner so you can block your schedules.  An afternoon trying good wine could end up in good conversation, and a relaxing afternoon for you and your soon-to-be-hubby.  Go through your list of tasks, and you’d be surprised at the number of activities you two could enjoy together.

4. Let him have a great time with his entourage.

If you get along well with his buddies, great!  Remember you can trust him to press the brakes should things start crossing the line.  To be fair, these men trust you to keep their friend for the rest of your lives.

These are the people who’ve stood by your man’s side for years so it’s understandable if your fiancé wants to get them personalized groomsmen gifts.  Personalized doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.  Ask your groom to do his research, ask around, window shop or go online.