Brendan and Megan’s Wedding Film by Elvira Mary Videographers

“Yet another wonderful wedding at the Springfield Country Club! Brendan and Megan were a really fun couple to work with. I love weddings where everyone is having fun! It was one of those weddings where you get all inspired and refreshed by the end of the day. Brendan and Megan both came from wonderful, supportive families and it really makes you think about how important family really is. Schaffer Sound kept the party going all night, which wasn’t especially hard with this group.  Love when the bride and her crew of bridesmaids are goofing off all day 🙂. Thanks to Steve Magnotta from Intrigue Photography for her wonderful photography of the event, as well as letting me borrow some for this blog 🙂.”


Blog Post Contributed by: Elvira Mary Videographers