In Which Shoes Should You Walk Down the Aisle in 2019

Organizing your wedding day can be hard enough even without the necessary preparations when it comes to your bridal outfit. However, this particular aspect of the pre-wedding craze is also one of the most exciting and interesting ones. Although, you may be surprised to learn that it’s usually easier to find a perfect gown than to find the perfect pair of shoes to match it. Not to mention that the shoes should be gorgeous and comfortable at the same time. In 2019, you don’t have to choose a fashionable and trendy look over a princessy one. The shoe trends for this year are as magical as they are stylish and you’ll definitely be able to find the best pair to walk down the aisle in.

In Which Shoes Should You Walk Down the Aisle in 2018 Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings

Vintage décor and intricate details

The love of all things vintage can also be seen in footwear, and especially when it comes to bridal looks in 2018. Ornate designs on an already delicate shoe will make some of the most popular choices of footwear while saying “I do.” A mix of embroidery and dreamy pearls, stones and sequins that all work together to make the shoes almost feel like a work of art will truly transform your bridal look and allow you to express your personality, stay fashionable and elegant, as well as look like a true princess all at the same time. There are several brands that carry this style of shoes, such as Harriet Wilde for example, and there will be even more, further into the year.

A bit of retro glamour

Innocent heart details combined with the flattering shoe design reminiscent of retro glamour and elegant parties make Charlotte Mills bridal shoes a true delight for anyone who wants to look amazing and unique for their wedding day, and every day after that. Not to mention the different heel types that will suit different preferences. In general, this particular style of bridal footwear has been (re)gaining popularity for a while and is expected to create a true fashion and elegance boom in 2019.

In Which Shoes Should You Walk Down the Aisle in 2018 Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings

Romantic and feminine

Romantic and feminine definitely go together when it comes to bridal fashion. However, this year, you have more freedom than ever to choose romantic, feminine, cute and breathtakingly beautiful shoes, especially when it comes to more boho or ornate sandals and flats. Of course, if you look at the brands such as Bella Belle and Freya Rose, you also have plenty of heel options available, but the true fashion trend is in the delicate, gentle, innocent look yet very striking individuality; think lace, embroidery and ornate details that move away from the vintage vibe into a modern fairytale.

Classic and divine

Of course, the classic design that’s elegant, fashionable and has just the right amount of bling will always be a safe investment and a smart choice for your bridal footwear. Thanks to the timeless feel of these shoes, you can be sure that you’ll get to wear them again for other important occasions after your wedding day as well. What’s more, this type of footwear is more accessible; just take a look at the adorable Badgley Mischka shoes online or take the time to visit the bridal shops around you. A classic stiletto in a flattering shade with an extra oomph will never disappoint.

In Which Shoes Should You Walk Down the Aisle in 2018 Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings

Comfy elegance

When you’re shopping for bridal shoes, you should always keep your own comfort in mind. However, this year has started with a promise of a whole new level of comfort when it comes to walking down the aisle. Aside from pops of color, strappier, more “casual”, and dancer-inspired shoes that will hug your feet perfectly and bring something different to the whole look are going to make it to the top of this year’s bridal shoe trends. Explore what brands such as Jakii, Love Art Wear Art, and other similar ones have to offer if this vibrant and more “cheerful” feel seems like the right fit for you.

Regardless of what style of shoes you prefer to go with for your dream wedding this year, remember to get your pair at least two months before the big day so that you can practice walking in them and break them in properly for even more comfort.

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