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5 Ways To Add Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Details To Your Wedding

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Environmentally Conscious Wedding Ideas While loving the environment we live in, we can all make conscious efforts to preserve it.  With more and more brides and grooms adopting the “green” wedding philosophy, it’s become much [...]

Engagement Ring Quiz: Which Diamond Shape Are You?

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A proposal is one of the most life-changing events in any relationship. Marked by celebrations, a whole lot of love and a shiny diamond ring, this exciting time is just the beginning of a lifelong love story. Aside from planning the proposal, [...]

Wedding Ring Shopping: Online vs. In-Store

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The internet has made our lives easier in so many ways.  Right now, you’re browsing Philly In Love looking at gorgeous photos and imagining the fun of planning your own wedding, choosing flowers, invitations and the dress!  We live in a digital [...]

5 Vintage Engagement Ring Ideas for the Alternative Bride

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Over the centuries, starting even with Posy rings in the middle ages, rings have been given as tokens of affection.  However, despite what many modern brides may think, the styles, materials, symbols, and stones that were used varied widely [...]

Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring 101

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Congratulations – you just got engaged!  Right now you’re full of excitement, ideas, wedding plans, and you probably cannot stop staring at your beautiful engagement ring.  You love it, and you love your future spouse, and you love showing [...]

Decoding Diamonds: Color

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Photo via Graff Diamonds Let’s talk diamonds!  We’ve talked about a stone’s cut.  But what about the color?  Can the naked eye really see the difference between an H color and a J color?  Keep reading for the second in our four part series about [...]

Decoding Diamonds: Cut

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If you’ve just started searching for engagement rings, you might be overwhelmed by the 4 Cs.  The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) developed the 4 Cs as a guideline to help you easily decode diamonds.  So why does it seem like you’re [...]

5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Band

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You already have the perfect engagement ring. Now it’s time to find the perfect band! Choosing your wedding band can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be with our tips below. 1. Start early. Ideally, you and your fiancé considered your [...]