Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit for Plus Size Men

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit for Plus Size Men

Being big and tall doesn’t mean you have to resort to wearing oversized clothes like the Notorious B.I.G., even more so on special occasions such as a friend’s nuptial or better yet your wedding. Popular belief suggests that most of the time, present day fashion is centered on young-looking and slim cuts. Also, a lot of people imply guys wearing suits are the busier, more seasoned ones, thus creating the images of corporate professionalism and/or runway-ready charm. However, if you pack a little more meat on your body, looking dapper on your wedding day is achievable, you just have to follow some basic guidelines along the way.

Have the Proper Mindset

According to an article on Overstock, a perfect suit is one of the most vital pieces in a guy’s closet. In addition, a fundamental aspect to looking sharp and accomplishing a flawless fit is having the exact measurements of your body, especially if you’re on the big and tall side. To put things into context, specialized clothing brand, King Size Direct, describes these as relaxed fitting clothes in extended sizes large to 6XL, as well as waistlines from 44 to 66. So for you to have a form-fitting, flattering suit on your wedding, stay away from off-the-rack items and go for something that’s tailor made for you.

Go For a Three-Piece That Will Complement Your Outline

When it comes to choosing a jacket, it’s highly logical to opt for a single-breasted with two or three buttons and notched lapels. This cut will complement you better compared to a double-breasted jacket that will make you seem wider. Lean toward the classic lapel measurement, which is something around eight to 10 centimeters, so they are proportional to your face. For a slimmer outline, you can also wear a single-breasted vest underneath. Not only is it neater than a two-piece ensemble, it’ll also smoothen your middle section. Your trousers should be cut so it rests comfortably on your waist. Another important factor is wearing suspenders instead of a typical belt.

Know How to Choose Shirts and Ties; Colors and Patterns

A wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, so you might as well go all out in terms of your overall look – that means even with the tiniest details of your outfit. Your shirt’s collar should fit easily on your neck. Timeless turn down collar shapes are most likely your safest bet. Remember: a small knot will make your head look big, while a big double Windsor will emphasize the face. Choose a medium-sized tie knot such as a four in hand or a Nicky Knot. When selecting colors, a reliable choice would be the darker, more solid ones like navy or charcoal suits. Not only does these shades slim your figure, they also give an ideal balance to your bride’s beautiful wedding dress. Just like colors, patterns should be minimal. Opt for a refined pin stripe that will give more appeal to your look and will match your body type.