What’s for Dinner. . . After the Honeymoon?

Your dress is stunning, right out of a fairy tale!  The church is reserved, the place you’ve always pictured walking down the aisle.  Catering, DJ and flowers…check! Even your honeymoon tickets are booked.  Your wedding is completely planned and you’ve thought of every single, solitary, minor (and not so minor) detail.


Well, there’s just one more thing.  What will you have for dinner? (No, not at the reception silly!) What will you have for dinner after the honeymoon? (Assuming you actually come home from that tropical island!  😉

Grocery store…ugh what a hassle…that crowded parking lot and all those checkout lines… and not to mention, the quality isn’t always reliable.  Pizza or Chinese…but you worked so hard to get that wedding dress figure.

Have you ever considered home delivery through Five Star Home Foods?

If you’re a couple who loves to cook together (what could be more romantic!) and you like the idea of high quality foods that are naturally raised without artificial growth hormones, and then delivered right to your home at an incredibly affordable price, you really need to give this home delivery service a try.

Five Star Home Foods

Five Star Home Foods offers over 300 different types of foods to choose from (and you can customize your order just the way you like.)  From Certified Angus Beef, bison and lamb to poultry, wild caught seafood and Cascadian Farm Organic vegetables, fruits and juices, Five Star Home Foods has something to satisfy every craving!

Five Star Home Foods

Do you and your spouse love eating healthy? Five Star portion controls, ages and trims everything for you, and you can even choose how lean you’d like your meats! (Don’t worry, we carry a variety of delicious desserts too, like pies, cheesecake and cookie dough!) Not to mention, all foods are vacuum sealed and flash frozen to maintain freshness, flavor and protect against freezer burn.  Not satisfied with something you ordered?  Five Star will replace it at no cost, plus delivery is free!

Sound good?  It gets even better!  What if there was a great way to find out if this service would work for you and even try a free sample of the foods?  There is!

Five Star will bring you a completely Free Sample Pack filled with a variety of natural meats, poultry and organic veggies! Get your questions answered and see if Five Star Home Delivery is right for you!

Five Star Home Foods

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