14 Flower Wall Ideas for an Unforgettable Wedding

Whether you have been to a wedding recently, have seen pictures of a wedding or are planning a wedding yourself, chances are you have come across a flower wall or two. The flower wall trend is sweeping the wedding world and they can be used as backdrops for photo booths, beautiful archways or venue decor.

There are plenty of ways to create the flower wall of your dreams. To help you find the flower wall that is unique to you, FTD has rounded up 14 of their favorite kinds below.

Dark Simplicity

For an elegant look, use a dark sheer curtain as a background for hanging greenery. Add blooms that have a light hue to create pops of color.

Photo by: Casey Fatchett Photography

Blushing Beauty

Keep the focus on the florals by using soft paint tones next to delicately-colored flowers. Allow vines to dangle down to create a natural feel.

Photo by: Jasmine Lee Photography | Florist: Nicole Ha | Planner: Charmed Events Group

Feminine Romance

Add lights to whimsical buds and drapey vines to create a fairy tale feel. Pastel purples and pinks paired with white create the ultimate feminine vibe.

Natural Appeal

The natural appeal of this flower wall is perfect for anyone who is having an outdoor wedding. Utilize natural greenery around you by draping your favorite flowers from branches.

Photo by: Erika Lynn Photography

Tropical Paradise

Make your guests feel like they are in a tropical paradise by using giant leaves against an exotic background. Arrange the florals in opposite directions to create a sense of movement.

Photo by: Amy and Jordan Photography

Festive Charm

Make your guests feel like they are in wonderland by attaching bright colored paper flowers to the walls. Try matching the colors with the bride’s bouquet to create a cohesive look.

Verdant Romance

If your venue already has a wall covered in vines, add natural blooms to create an organic feeling. Sprinkle petals on the ground to create a floaty effect.

Photo by: Pat Furey Photography

Wildly Unique

For an eye catching flower wall that will wow your guests, combine vivid vines with neon-bright florals. Attach this to a metal background to create a rustic vibe.

Delicately Drapey

Capture the bride’s beauty in a flower wall that bunches pastel blooms against a drapey fabric that is reminiscent of a veil. Twist dark greenery around the edges to draw attention to the blooms.

Photo by: Corrina Walker Photography | Florist: Flower Artistry

Vibrant Elegance

For a chic yet playful feeling, arrange colorful columns of fresh blooms against a white wall. Add a bouquet of matching flowers on nearby tables for a consistent theme.

Photo by: Ashley Kidder Photography

Modern Style

A flower wall does not have to be filled with just flowers. Attach vases with a couple florals in them against a wall for a more modern look.

Photo by: Redfield Photography

Bohemian Glamour

Recreate a dreamy sunset by arranging blooms against sunset swirls of color. When using a vivid backdrop, opt for minimal greenery to make a statement.

Photo by: Jenna McElroy Photography

Rustic Grace

If you aren’t sure if you want an archway or a wall, create a combination of the two! Cover an arch with vines and beautiful florals to display a curtain of blooms.

Photo by: Kelly Sweet Photography

Minimalist Chic

For a more simple look, add brilliant blooms to a wreath. Attach this to a background of multicolored wood for a pretty contrast.

Photo by: Lena Kozhina Photography