Free Vegan Cooking Date-Night with The Humane League

There are a lot of reasons people give as to why they could never go vegan. Most of the reasons start with bacon (bacon-burgers, bacon-chocolate, bacon-bacon), but there are also genuine concerns like food pricing, taste and nutrition too!  These considerations are especially relevant if you have more than one mouth to feed.  Meat has been made so easily accessible and cheap in the modern market that it seems nearly impossible to eat any other way. The good news is The Humane League is here to help!

Photo via The Humane League 

December 21, The Humane League presents a monthly occasion called Meatless Monday at the Free Library of Philadelphia.  This educational, vegan-cooking demo is perfect for couples and families who are interested in living a more compassionate, healthful and sustainable lifestyle.  According to the Academy of Nutrition, even small cutbacks in meat consumption can have multiple benefits on the body such as weight loss, increased energy, lowered risk for heart-related diseases and lowered risk for some forms of cancer.  Not to mention, reducing cruelty towards animals and your carbon footprint will have a good effect on your conscience!

RSVP online to sit directly in the kitchen and watch Chef Elizabette Andrade whip up a completely free, well-balanced, nutrient-rich, vegan meal that actually tastes great!  Compliments of The Humane League you will leave with a belly full of delicious food and a head full of motivation and resources to bring to your old cooking routine.  They say, “you are what you eat”, so why not eat something that will bring wellness into your home?  You and your loved one will live longer, happier, healthier lives together for it.

IMG_0120Photo via Philebrity