Half Off Specials at Tria’s ‘Sunday School’


After every possible portal of media relentlessly obsessed over wild rumors and bad puns about the Pope, I wouldn’t blame you if the words “Sunday School” put a pit in your stomach.  You’ll be relieved to know that Sunday School at Tria is nothing like what you’re expecting.

On Sunday’s, Tria may not be turning water into wine, but they can offer prices and tastes from above with half off their entire selection of bountiful, fragrant wine, cheese and beer.  Have candle-lit romance inside or sit out in gorgeous Fall weather with your favorite someone to enjoy every carefully crafted ingredient.  Their menu is hand selected from the finest flavors of the world and presents you with perfect pairings of sweet, savory, bold, and luscious quality that will have your palate begging for more.

Tria Sunday School locations: Rittenhouse, Wash West and Fitler SquareTria_2_033 (1)

Though each Tria location has unique charisma, there is a shared meaning that strings them all together.   Philadelphia’s original wine, cheese and beer bar was developed under the idea of simplicity.  Free from distractions, a relaxed, calming energy flows through the atmosphere in a purposeful way, placing you directly in front of the person you’re with.  Tria brings much more to the table than food; it brings conversation.

With each bite and sip, the passing of time gets slower as you listen to aged Vino and Gouda tell a stories of their history.  A polite and intricate ballet of movement dances through the room, provoking intimate dialogue to become as rich and delighted as the bubbly Ale.  The clinking of glasses and light laughter turn into a symphony that sets a scenic design to the milieu.  This place is the passageway to connection, to know our food and each other with intention.

Tria Café


Many people in Philadelphia have developed an emotional attachment to the Rittenhouse and Washington Square West Tria locations.  The Café’s maintain a quintessential balance between an overbearing, rowdy bar and a punishingly hushed cafe, encouraging people to actually have meaningful exchanges.  The space is open, the menu is modest, bruschetta choices are phenomenal and the novel wine, beer and cheese combinations will never disappoint.




 Tria Taproom


Beer, burger and pizza loving couples love Tria Taproom.  Both esoteric and local craft beers rotate regularly among 24 taps so the list is continuously evolving.  Most of the kegs you’ll find at Tria are near impossible to find anywhere else.  Their food is a progressive bar menu, serving crispy flatbreads from the wood burning grill and small savory bites.


Tria Fitler Square


When looking for something more supper heavy, the Fitler Square location is up for the job.  Tria’s newest situate provides full meals to tag along with their usual offerings.  You can now enjoy pairing warm and hearty flavors with distinguished wine and beer to accentuate every ingredient’s divine quality.


Come into Tria Sunday and allow yourself to become immersed in Godly, international flavors and a romantic setting all at an affordable price.  Nothing tastes better than a good deal!

Vendors | Venue: Tria | Photography: Steve Legato