Harry Potter Inspired Wedding at Brandywine Manor House by Juliana Laury Photography


Harry Potter fans rejoice, because this beautiful Fall wedding at the Brandywine Manor House has a touch of Harry Potter crafts and a ton of elegance all wrapped into one heartwarming day. Elizabeth and Jim are shining so brightly with pure joy and love in their hearts, all captured so attractively by Juliana Laury Photography. I instantly fell in love with this brides’ look, from her baroque bouquet to her chic stole. This wedding is oh-so dreamy so keep slytherin down to see more of E+J’s pleasantly gorgeous wedding day!




From the Bride: “Jim and I met through our local, recreational ball hockey league. Jim and I played against each other for a while before he took the first step and contacted me through Facebook about getting a team together for us to play together. I took the initiative and jumped to asking him out!”







“Jim had secretly bought my engagement ring with the intention of proposing before our Christmas Eve Party in 2013. I honestly didn’t know it was coming- he tricked me into thinking I was opening a few presents for the party, one of which did turn out to be a bluetooth speaker, but the other was the engagement ring!!! Sitting at my dinning room table freshly showered and still in my BATH ROBE, he dropped to one knee and asked to marry me (he was more lengthy about it but you get the gist). I said yes and we both looked at each other stunned until I said “well put it on my finger!!”



“The best memory of my wedding day has to be when Jim and I saw each other for the first time during our first look. We are so non-traditional in so many ways, so a first look really made sense for us. Jim is so shy, so after taking some photos and video footage we exchanged our vows in private. The funny part was I brought 6 jumbo notecards with me so I could remember everything I wanted to say. I’m a procrastinator and had been thinking about my vows for so long, but I only wrote them the morning of the wedding while waiting to get my hair done! Jim, on the other hand, had them on his phone… which he inconveniently left in the groomsman suite over a football field away when we did our first look! We had a bunch of laughs and he recalled his vows from memory. It was so organic and just how we are in real life- I always the planner and he always the…. well he’s lucky he’s cute, right!?”







“Planning the wedding was equal parts exciting, terrifying, whimsical, and exhausting. So many decisions to make, so many people to please, so many things that I wanted but didn’t want to break the bank for my parents or myself. In the end it all worked out wonderfully. I managed to say I wanted a bulk of my wedding funds geared towards fresh flowers and my photography, since I would be keeping those photos forever!! The flowers were breathtaking and easily one of the most well-designed aspects of the wedding. My photos were just AMAZING, which was to be expected since I teamed up with photographer Juliana Laury of Juliana Laury Photography! I literally cried when I saw them! (We had a few slip ups the day of the wedding, including a spill on my wedding dress which left me in tears for a bit- seeing the perfect photos by Juliana and Alison only 5 weeks after my wedding put all of the ‘bad’ memories from my mind and I was left speechless!”















“It was hard for me to let go and delegate things to others since I can be a very type-A person. Ultimately, you want to enjoy the time you spend planning your wedding, not be so overwhelmed that you, in your exhaustion, give up on your ‘vision’. Make lists, especially big monthly to-do lists that help you get things done in a timely manner so it’s not 3 months before your wedding and you don’t have your cake picked out!! So many little things creep up in the end- delegate from the beginning, ask for advice, but stay true to yourself! It’s your day, and no one will remember it quite like you and your spouse will!”

Vendors | Photography: Juliana Laury Photography | Venue: Brandywine Manor House | Catering: Williamson Caterers | Florist: Blue Moon Florist, Ami Trost | Music: Eclipse Entertainers | Stationary: Pa-Py-Ri, Rebecca Barker | Videography: Joshua James, jalexanderfilm@gmail.com