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Josh and Ali’s Wedding Film by Elvira Mary Videographers

Josh and Ali were such a fun couple to film, it felt more like sharing a special day than work! Especially when Ali took over the dance floor with her serious DJ skills!

The wedding was at White Manor Country Club, which had some really beautiful scenes like the one above. I don’t even mind that I had to run all around them to get the right shots! 🙂

Creative Eventology did all of the event planning that made the night special and really really fun!

Including when Ali took over the DJ station and jammed out! She’s no amateur!

Photography by Daniel Fugaciu

Josh and Ali are the kind of couple that is fun just to be around, it’s more like one cool person than two different people. You could tell they were in love and all that jazz, but you could also tell they were just two fun people on a regular day.

Josh & Ali’s Highlight 06.18.16 from Elvira Mary Videography on Vimeo.

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