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Kunda Photography – Wedding Photographer Highlight

Who is Kimberly Kunda, the artist behind the camera?

I am a down to earth, working mom to two loving boys, a nature-oriented person, and a passionate photographer. Inspiration is everywhere and in everyone and I value the ability to tap into the creative flow as a part of my working life. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and artists and feel so blessed to combine the two. I am moved by honest emotion,unique settings, true life, open play and the chemistry between people. Your light, lights me up! I am romantic at heart and I do have a touch of Philly grit and appreciation for all that is honest, real and sexy too! I am the friend who will walk barefoot into the creek with you at sunset to get the shot, and adventure to that one meaningful corner of the world with you where you shared your first kiss. If there is one thing I am — I am all in with you, all the time. You can ask my wife, sometimes I get distracted and she has kept me from walking backwards into the ocean during a beach session because I get so in the moment with you haha.

kimberly kunda photography

When did you first realize your passion for photography, and how
has this journey cultivated you into the photographer you are now?

Photography really started for me as a teen — during the “no one understands me” years. When journaling seemed just too contrived, I picked up a camera. In some part because it gets you actually out of your own head. And, I found I could take a photo of an old falling apart bird house in my backyard, and say to myself, yes that feels like my soul. No one could argue with your photos — they were your own perspective on just about anything in the world. After a while, I moved on from bird houses and broken fences, and I started to photograph people. My people. And the photos I took of them always came from a place of love and curiosity. One of the best rewards, I found, was to take a photo of someone you love, and have them say, “wow, I look really happy,” or “I look really pretty.” Or in an authentic moment, when they don’t know anyone is watching them — to see a reflection of themselves just truly being themselves. I have a photo of my mom doing dishes late at night under the fluorescent kitchen sink light, that to me, was my mom. She was hard work and sacrifice. Late night dish washing for 5 kids and all. So photography — hmmm, not sure if I answered your question, but it has been with me a long time. And I try to stay to that young girl seeing people and things for the first time.

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How would you describe your photography style?

I hope what comes across in my work feels emotional, open, honest and authentic. I just really love creating photos in the most natural way possible, where you feel most yourself. I can be kind of goof ball and have been told my laugh is infectious, and somehow some lightheartedness finds its way into my work. I think that in turn emphasizes a natural, easy going style in the end.

kimberly kunda photography

What is the process like for couples who want to book you for
their wedding?

I try to keep the process really simple for my couples – you are juggling a lot while you plan your wedding, and I want to be in your corner to help you! I offer an online portal for all your contract, invoice and shot list tools as well as online galleries to house your engagement session, and wedding galleries. I work with my couples to create custom timelines and shot lists. Parents want input? No problem — write their shot list down too. We got you. Galleries include free downloads for a year, and printing rights so you can save pics to your phone and run off some 4x6s at CVS if you want. I mentioned I am down to earth right? I get it. I do. What is important to me is that you cherish your photos.

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What do you love most about photographing weddings/couples?

I am honestly blown away by how incredible it is that two people find their perfect match in this vast world. It’s kind of a miracle really! And to be there to photograph the day that those two people commit to each other is a total honor. There is a lot of magic that happens on a wedding day, not to mention incredibly fun parties! Photographing that and creating art with you — that is just the best job I could have ever imagined.

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Besides weddings, what other moments do you like to capture?

I enjoy going back to my roots and photographing nature and whatever randomness I find while hiking. I also love to photograph older people. Our seniors have seen so much, and their stories are written in the lines of their faces, their hands, their posture, and their expressions. Seniors are some my most favorite subjects. Plus we have great conversation. And that always fills up my bucket. (If you don’t know that kids book — it’s a must for human kind).

kimberly kunda photography

What other locations do you cover in addition to Philadelphia?

I shoot mostly in the Greater Philadelphia + suburbs, Southern NJ and Delaware regions. I have a dream list of places to travel, and I have this vision in my mind that I will get to shoot an elopement in Iceland with the backdrop of the Aurora Borealis — (google it — let’s go!).