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When talking bridal beauty options and products, the list can feel endless. One particular item of interest from just about every one of my clients: Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions. I went on a quest to find Philadelphia’s Premiere lash extension experience, and I couldn’t be happier about my findings. LashBee offers safe, natural looking lash extensions to clients with obvious attention to detail and care to boot. I can’t imagine why brides-to-be wouldn’t want lashes for their big day (and long after, read: honeymoon!), Erin Soletski, Co-owner and Master Lash Stylist of LashBee, explains further why she can’t either


What are some reasons bride and bridal party members would love having lash extensions for the big day?

Lash extensions are a fantastic replacement for strip lashes and layers of mascara for a few reasons.  First, they don’t add bulk. Strip lashes are notorious for feeling awkward and peeling at the corners, while mascara can look clumpy.  Extensions give you the emphasis you desire, without weighing your eyes down.  Second, unlike mascara, extensions can easily withstand the tears that will inevitably fall – they’ll never leave your cheeks streaky or give you raccoon eyes.  For the bride, a full set of extensions can take her from the wedding through her honeymoon, meaning she can wake up feeling gorgeous every day without touching the mascara!

How do you make the lashes appear so natural?

Lash extensions are applied one by one to your natural eyelashes. When properly applied, the extensions will blend seamlessly into the natural lash, making it practically impossible for even the most discerning eye to determine that they aren’t all yours!

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What is the difference between a regular lash set and a volume set?

Regular (classic) lash extensions have a single extension applied to an individual natural lash.  Volume lashes will have 2-6 extra lightweight lashes applied in a fan shape to each natural lash.  Both are beautiful and versatile.  Volume are particularly great for ladies with sparse natural lashes or who crave a more dense lash line.

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What do you recommend as a timeline for someone who would like to have lashes for their wedding day and honeymoon?

If she has the time, we recommend that the bride comes in about six weeks before the big day.  This gives her enough time to try out more than one style before the wedding and see what she likes best.  If she doesn’t have the luxury of that much time, she can certainly come in closer to the date – we just recommend that the last appointment (whether it’s a touchup or an initial set) take place a few days before the wedding festivities begin.

What are some important care tips for eyelash extension wearers and lovers?

Caring for your eyelash extensions is pretty simple, as long as you follow a few main rules.  First, you’ll want to wait 24 hours before getting the extensions wet, to allow the adhesive to cure properly.  Second, check the labels of the products you use around the eye (including makeup, makeup remover and eye creams) – oils and glycols can break down the adhesive bond prematurely.  It’s also important to wash your lashes regularly, especially if you do wear eye makeup that can build up in the extensions.  We have more detailed instructions available on our website at


Personally, why do you love wearing lashes?

My natural lashes are very blonde and very straight, meaning I’ve never felt comfortable leaving the house without mascara.  Extensions let me do just that, cutting down on my morning routine and giving me a confidence boost to boot!

Contributing Writer: Diana DuHaime

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