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Faye + Renee is a floral and event design company based in our great city of Philadelphia, owned by Joanna Faye and Amanda Renee. Faye + Renee are definitely not the typical floral business, their floral and event design combined create a scene so beautiful that it will leave you in awe! Faye + Renee is not only a great vendor, but these BFFs are totally awesome people as well. Planning your event with Joanna  & Amanda will be just like sitting down with your best girl friends! Joanna & Amanda both take a lot of pride in each event that they design, so any event with their names on it is sure to be chuck full of detail and beauty! I had the pleasure of chatting with both girls for a brief Q&A about their business, and we also talked about some wedding related trends! So get to know the creative women behind Faye + Renee, and get to know this Philly vendor, enjoy xoxo!



Joanna Faye


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Faye + Renee

How did you both become interested in floral/event design?

Joanna: It all started with my passion for getting the people that I love together and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which to do so. I was 16 when I threw my first themed party and that’s when I initially fell in love with planning and designing personalized events. It wasn’t until my early 20’s, with encouragement from friends and family that I decided to pursue floral and event design as a career. I was able to spend two years traveling, drawing inspiration from around the globe, and learning from different floral designers. All of these experiences have played an important part in shaping who Faye + Renée is today.

Amanda: My sense of creativity has had many different outlets throughout my life from childhood fantasy play to going to school for interior design and carpentry. I was considering going back to school for industrial design when my beloved aunt passed away. I used her love for gardening and flowers to create an inexpensive celebration of her life. The joy I felt and feedback I got inspired me to pursue this as a career. I got a job working with a floral and event production company based out of their home and grew with them to a 5,000 square foot showroom and warehouse. As I did my friend’s weddings, my passion for creating personalized and unique expressions for each couple grew to the point where I joined with Joanna and Faye and Renée was born.

Where did the idea for the name Faye + Renée come from?

J+A: Our business truly comes from who we are and how much we put out hearts into going above and beyond for every couple and event. Our names, Joanna Faye + Amanda Renée, show that we put ourselves on the line for every wedding.

Tell me about your first wedding gig!

J+A: Our first official wedding as Faye + Renée was a three day event at Cedar Lake Estate in Port Jervis, NY. It had a rustic “fun and games” theme so we incorporated game pieces throughout all the floral and décor. For the reception we created custom centerpieces made out of trees that went over every farmhouse table and from it we hung candles, hanging light bulbs filled with floral, and X’s and O’s that we custom made out of wood. Oh, and did we mention that the bride didn’t want any real flowers? We created all the flowers for the wedding out of different textured paper accompanied with wooden flowers for that extra special something! You can check it out here on ruffled blog : http://ruffledblog.com/new-york-lakeside-wedding

How would you describe your décor style, what is your signature style?

J+A: We are pretty versatile when it comes to décor, but we would say that vintage-chic with an emphasis on organic and garden inspired floral has definitely become our signature style. We both have a love for all things antique and throughout the years have collected so many unique pieces that we love incorporating with our floral design.

What is the hardest part about floral/event design?

J + A: The hardest part is not being able to take on every event that comes our way. We have to set a limit to the number of events we take each day due to  our attention to detail and commitment to each couple, but wish we could do every one!

What are your favorite flowers to work with?

J + A: There are so many flowers that we absolutely love! It’s hard to list them all, but we are always drawn to flowers that allow us to add in just the right amounts of textures and color dimensions such as dahlias, peonies, astilbe, scabiosa, clematis, and so much more. We enjoy mixing floral pods and vines for that extra touch to create natural, organic arrangements.

What suggestions can you give to a bride on a budget?

J + A: We would recommend concentrating on creating displays that make a statement and reflect the couple’s style. We offer a variety of high-end and antique props that mixed together with floral décor can help offset the cost. Check out Michelle + Jimmy’s wedding for some examples of how we did this. http://greenweddingshoes.com/rustic-chic-backyard-wedding-michelle-jimmy/

What color/flower combinations are really popular at the moment?

J + A: Well we know that pastels will always be popular, but we’ve noticed a lot more brides making bolder color choices, whether that’s going very deep berry tones or using bright flowers that really pop, they’re ready to make a statement and we love that!

What flower/décor trends do you think will be hot this season?

Bringing nature indoors is definitely a trend right now and we love it! This season we think you will see a lot more natural, organic weddings using many variations of greenery paired with raw elements such as quartz, stone, metal, etc. We draw inspiration from all different sources such as nature, architecture, interior design, different cultures and especially our travels. We spent two years traveling the world together and went all throughout Europe, Israel, Russia, all across the United States, you name it! All those experiences are definitely reflected in our designs. We strongly believe, that although we use all these trends and inspirations, that each couple’s personality is unique and should be reflected in a way that doesn’t fit into one specific trend.















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