Local Vendor Highlight: Five Star Home Foods

Five Star Home Foods

Five Star Home Foods brings the grocery store straight to your home with their affordable local home-delivery system.  Five Star Home Foods offers over 300 different selections including Certified Angus Beef, Poultry, Bison and Pork raised without the use of artificial growth hormones, Wild Caught Seafood and Organic Vegetables, Fruits and Juices.  Customers can select their own foods, portion sizes, and even how lean they like their meat.  Delivery is free and they’ll even organize the freezer for you.  The best part is that you can request a FREE Sample Pack of foods to see if Five Star Home Delivery will work for you!  Five Star Home Foods is perfect for engaged couples, newlyweds, and anyone looking for affordable healthy eats!  We got to have a one-on-one with representative Gabrielle Delconte, and she is giving us all of the details about the awesome service of Five Star Home Foods!

Five Star Home Foods

The proud owners of Five Star Home Foods, Bob Kane (VP Sales), Brian Holtzinger (VP Marketing) & Bruce Holtzinger (VP Finance). Photo Credit – Times Herald
The proud owners of Five Star Home Foods, Bob Kane (VP Sales), Brian Holtzinger (VP Marketing) & Bruce Holtzinger (VP Finance). Photo Credit – Times Herald

Tell us about the start of the company, Five Star Home Foods. How did you first begin working with the company, and why?

Five Star Home Foods was opened in 1994 as a way to help families get much better quality foods, and a whole new level of convenience than what they could find in the average grocery store. We are celebrating our 23rd year! I began working for Five Star in 2010 and was excited to use my Drexel marketing degree and prior work experience to help grow a company in the natural foods industry, as I’m very passionate about holistic wellness. I really wanted to market something that I believed in and could be excited about.


 What exclusive benefits do you think exist for couples looking into your service?

About 50% of our customers are actually couples! Couples can benefit from our home delivery service for the following reasons:

·         We eliminate the middleman (no wholesalers/retailers) and we deliver direct to the home. Because of this business model, couples are able to get high quality naturally raised (without the use of artificial growth hormones and antibiotics) Certified Angus Beef, poultry wild seafood and organic veggies, fruits and juices for very affordable prices, along with custom trimming, aging, portion controlling, vacuum sealing and flash freezing of all foods.

·         All meats/poultry/seafood are portion controlled and vacuum sealed, so for busy working couples that may have different schedules, they can just grab a healthy portion of whatever they’d like to eat without having to unwrap a whole family sized pack.

·         Gone are the days of having to leave your dinner out the night before to defrost (as so many of us have forgotten to do!) Because of the way everything is packaged, a busy couple could just place the vac sealed cuts in a bowl of water and in about 15 minutes, everything is defrosted and ready to cook! (But if you’d like to cook a whole turkey or ham for a holiday, we have those too!)

·         The price for a couple is very good and averages between $60-$70/week, which would provide two people with about 5-6 nights of meal options. Not a bad price at all!

·         Delivery is free and a busy couple wouldn’t even have to be home to receive the delivery; just leave your garage open, etc and Five Star will pack and completely organize the freezer for you!

·         Newlywed couples are often planning to start a family together in the future, and raising kids with hormone-free foods is so important for their optimal growth and development. Five Star’s meats and poultry are raised without the use of artificial growth hormones and antibiotics, much safer and healthier for starting a family!

 Tell us about the advantages of your referral program!

We have an awesome referral program! When a family becomes a new customer, they can refer 5 new customers to us and earn a free $1600 food order! This is one of the most exciting aspects of being a Five Star customer, it really pays off!

Congratulations to the Pascal family on the FREE $1600 Food Order they earned! How did they do it__

 Take us through the steps of the Five Star Home Foods delivery process?

When a couple wants to see if our home delivery service would be a good fit for them, a certified Five Star Home Foods consultant personally delivers a complimentary natural foods sample pack to them and shows them how our service compares to the grocery store. A couple can get their questions answered and see the benefits of our service. (The sample pack includes two boneless, skinless chicken breasts, two center cut pork chops, two chopped beef steaks and a bag of organic veggies in a reusable soft cooler pack; all meats are raised without the use of artificial growth hormones and antibiotics). The couple is then welcome to place an order with the consultant, who will help them customize the order around their desired budget, food preferences, cuts, leanness, ounces they would like, etc. Approximately 2-3 weeks later, we will deliver the order in our own freezer truck (we do not ship on dry ice) and delivery is free. The couple doesn’t have to be home to receive the order if they have a schedule conflict; they can simply leave their garage open, etc and we will pack and organize the freezer for them. A couple can choose to pay for the order however they like, and most people opt for interest-free monthly payments, another convenient feature of our service. If for any reason the couple is unsatisfied with something they’ve ordered, we will replace it no charge (even if they’ve eaten it already). We have a wonderful protection plan for the food and we guarantee everything against freezer burn and power outages from storms, etc. (We even carry generators if a couple lives in a neighborhood with a lot of power outages, etc for added protection of our foods.)

Five Star Home Foods

 What do you love most about Five Star Home Foods?

I love the fact that I’m helping people to incorporate healthier foods into their lives and make smarter choices about their wellness. I love that I am promoting a business and an industry that I am passionate about, that stands for something meaningful. Along with building partnerships, social media and blogging, I also book and attend events around the region for Five Star. Through this, I’ve gotten the chance to meet so many interesting people and have had so many meaningful conversations with people about their personal wellness journeys, struggles and successes with health, etc, It’s been very rewarding. At one particular event, I met a woman who’s son had autism his whole life (I believe he was about 8 at the time); it was pretty severe so he wouldn’t let his mom hug him or even touch him. She did a lot of research on ways to help her son and converted his whole diet over to organic, non processed and chemical-free foods and there was a dramatic change in her son’s autism and behavior; he actually gave his mom a hug for the first time! She attributed the change to his conversion to a much healthier lifestyle. Families sharing heartwarming stories like this with me wouldn’t be possible without my work at Five Star.

 What has been the best feedback that you’ve received from a customer?

The best feedback has been couples and families who have told me how many ways the service has helped make their lives smoother, healthier and more convenient and how happy they are to have spoken with me and learned about Five Star Home Foods.

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