Local Vendor Highlight: MLE Pictures | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer


MLE Pictures is a boutique photography business specializing in a modern vintage shooting style.” Owner, Emily Arentz has relatively two decades of experience under her belt when it comes to shooting and capturing the beauty of life behind the camera. If we could describe MLE Pictures, simply put, brilliance at it’s finest! We had the pleasure of speaking with Emily, and she answered a few questions about her experience with Photography and how simple it is to book your wedding with one of Philadelphia’s best wedding photographers!

Who is Emily, the artist behind the camera?


I love the adventure of life.  I’m addicted to Anthropologie and want to live in their store on Walnut.  I can’t say no to cake, and won’t leave a wedding without a piece.  I am also recently engaged myself, so it’s safe to say I’m pretty much obsessed with weddings!

When did you first realize your passion for photography, and how has this journey cultivated you into the photographer you are now?


I started shooting and developing my own film 18 years ago. There was just something so intoxicating about film and waiting for the images to come to life in the darkroom. This inspired me to have a film look to my digital images as well as incorporate film into my workflow.


What is the process like for couples who want to book you for their wedding?

It’s pretty easy! With all the social media and wedding blogs available, couples have seen a good bit of my work by the time they are interested in booking.  After the initial contact emails, I usually set-up a call or schedule a time to meet with the couple in person. It’s extremely important to make sure it’s a good fit, on both ends, before booking.  I’m working intimately with a bride for 8 hours during one of the most important days of her life, so we need to be friends!


What do you love most about photographing weddings/couples?


I sincerely love all of the couples I have had a chance to work with; my clients are creative, thoughtful, have amazing style, and want their wedding day to be a unique experience!  When I witness passion and love between a couple, it inspires my photography work as well.


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Is Philadelphia your birthplace, and what do you love most about this city?


Yes, I grew up in the Philly area and went to college here at St Joe’s.  Philly has an overwhelming passion for things they love- mainly sports and food.  I can totally identify with that level of passion.


Is there anything you really hope to do in the future such as an event or project relative to your business that you haven’t gotten the chance to do yet?


I’d love to shoot a wedding in another country!  I have been fortunate to shoot weddings throughout the US, but I’m always itching for more opportunities to travel!