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Photo by Sharyn Frenkel Photography

Based in our great city of Philadelphia, Occasions by Diana is a talented Hair & Makeup vendor that we LOVE! Diana, the artisan and principal owner has such a bubbly personality and she makes you feel so comfortable it will seem like you’ve known her for years. Diana has 8+ years of experience specializing in weddings, and all lovely occasions. Her brides always manage to look glamorous and flawless, effortlessly! We had a lovely chat with Diana, and from our conversation you’ll see why we LOVE this local vendor!

Q & A with Diana DuHaime, Occasions by Diana

PIL: What is a day in the life of Diana (the makeup artist) like?
DD: A day in the life of me, as a makeup artist is pretty awesome- I like to think. First and foremost, I check my email like a maniac. I can’t help it, I just love to get inquiries and plan out my days and weeks; filling them with new and past clients, weddings and other jobs. I love that my career allows me to have a pretty customized schedule. I am definitely so very fortunate to be able to be a mommy full time as well as pursue my career full time all at once. With that being said, it also can be pretty spontaneous as some times I am asked to do things in a moments notice.. but that’s what keeps it exciting and fun!
PIL: How has your career in beauty evolved over the years?
DD: Oh my gosh, my career has blossomed so beautifully. I actually started as a hairstylist. I learned basic makeup skills in cosmetology school, but it is really not at all enough to call yourself a makeup artist. That title has certainly taken a while to develop. It takes a lot of practice to feel great about doing another person’s makeup. I am actually surprised sometimes of how much my career has grown to be so makeup oriented- but I love it so much and have grown to appreciate where I have been, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. I am always learning and believe that should always be the case. The day you stop learning, no matter your skill level or in what application, is the day you most likely stop loving and caring for what you do.
PIL: How would you describe your signature look, and what do you think sets you apart from other bridal makeup artists?
DD: My signature look is definitely the vintage inspired classic look of a clean, simplistic winged liner, full lashes, fresh skin, and a bold lip. Its certainly not the only thing I do but it is my favorite. I love the femininity of it and how it looks beautiful on just about everyone. I think what sets me apart from other artists is the fact that I am not a brand junkie or very influenced by trendy things. I like to figure things out on my own, be different and have my own approach. I believe it is a better long term system as I am deeper rooted to the way I do things rather than products and can ultimately be my own brand.
PIL: What are some of the biggest challenges that you face as a makeup artist?
DD: Challenges I face as a makeup artist are mostly about learning your product and client both separate and in combination. What I mean by this is that it takes time to learn whatever products you decide to work with- all brands are different, all brands act different on skin, and all brands act different when paired with one another. It solely takes experience to learn your own products so much that you can trust in what they do for you. It is definitely deeper than simply buying something. It is also about learning your clients. That takes patience, listening, and communication. It doesn’t so much matter how good you are at the application if you give your client something totally different that what they were hoping for.
PIL: What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?
DD: The most important beauty advice I can give to women is love the skin you are in. Confidence is most beautiful, makeup just helps accentuate it. Everyone has flaws and things they do not love about themselves but look at the big picture and deeper than the skin. If you are happy with who you are inside it will show outside. That and take care of your skin- Protect it, Clean it, and Nourish it!
PIL: What other makeup artists have inspired you through your career?
DD: I am definitely inspired by a large range of artists. Particularly I love Kevyn Aucoin, Marika Vengeance, Tamanna Roashan, and Deanna Hagan (who I am so blessed to work with!).  All of them are pretty different in their styles and I love that- it keeps my mind open and creative flow moving.

Photography by Christine Bonnivier
PIL: What are some of your favorite products right now?!
DD: A few of my favorite products right now are Nars Illuminating Foundation, Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette, Mac Paint Pot in Painterly, and Jesse’s Girl Black Liquid Liner Pen. Oh, and Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain in Always red is the perfect red and a staple in my kit.
PIL: What do you think makes Philadelphia special? & what do you LOVE about Philly?
DD: There are SO many things that make Philadelphia special. I love the old soul of this city. I love that there are so many creatives here, doing really cool things. I’ve been so lucky to meet so many other entrepreneurs here that have motivation, dreams, great ideas and are able to express themselves through their work. I definitely think being in this city, with so much opportunity around, is the basis for all that good stuff. Besides the people, the amazing architecture, hidden gems, and beautiful green space doesn’t hurt either! I love taking walks along the Wissahickon, exploring the epic restaurant scene, and finding cool little shops and places to go. There is always something new and different in and around Philadelphia to experience.
PIL: What tips can you give to brides when it comes to choosing a makeup artist for their wedding?
DD: How can they prep for a trial? My number one tip for brides looking for a makeup artist for their big day is to choose someone that fits the style they are going for. Yes, pricing and brand recognition are attributes you can easily sort them by, but the best and most important thing to do is look through their work and see what makes their particular style, theirs. If they can create your look perfectly, believe me whatever their price or products used end up being won’t matter because how you feel about the look will trump it on your big day. Also, make sure they communicate well. Being reliable and communicative throughout the planning process is just as important as the style itself. The best way to prep for meeting your makeup artist, specifically at the trial, is to be able to give them a good idea of what your overall look will be. Pinterest pictures are great as inspiration, but letting the artist see what your dress looks like, your style/theme for the event, and what other details will make it your special day will be the most beneficial. You want them to customize the look for your face and style, that will make it the most beautiful and fitting as possible- it will let them have the creative intent needed to produce an overall cohesive look

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