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 The Slow Motion Booth has taken traditional photo booth standards, and slowed things down! Philadelphia is one of the many cities that has the chance to experience this very unique photo booth extravaganza! We love the original concept and companies are now adding this special effect as a photo booth option. If you thought props were exciting before, just wait until you see how amusing they are in The Slow Motion Booth. This idea would make a great addition to any bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, and wedding! We connected with Lexi Lucia, co-owner of The Slow Motion Booth Philadelphia, and Chris Meyers the Director of National Sales for a brief Q&A for an insiders view of The Slow Motion Booth.

1. How did the concept of The Slow Motion Booth begin and formulate into what it is today?
CM: The concept for slow motion booths began with a video that went viral from a company called Super Frog Saves Tokyo. When we saw the video we knew this was something that we HAD to get into. So we went into research mode, and had a working prototype about 10 days later and we have been refining it bit by bit.
2. What fostered your decision to move the company to the great city of Philadelphia?
CM: Our company operates in about 25 cities – Philadelphia was our first expansion city because of our great connections and market potential in the region.
LL: Chris (my husband) and I met Chris Meyer (owner of The Slow Motion Booth) a few months before we moved to Philadelphia. We were pretty awed by the concept of The Slow Motion Booth and wanted to share it with our new city, and what better way is there to get to know the city and all the great people here!
3. What’s the most exciting part of your work?
CM: The most exciting part is getting to work with such a wide variety of clients. We’ve worked with everything from small private parties, to weddings, to corporate events, to the NFL! Providing a fun and unique experience – most of which have never seen a slow motion booth is always a TON of fun!
LL: I think the most exciting part of our job is seeing how people react to The Slow Motion Booth. Everyone is curious about it, but most people are cautious at first and timid about trying it out. Then there is always that one person/group of people who are all about the booth from the second they hear what it is. These people are always willing to get slapped or have a drink thrown at them, and they get everyone else really excited about the booth, helping them to step out of their comfort zone.
4. How has your company become so popular amongst the wedding scene?
CM: Weddings are always looking for the next big thing to have fun and entertain their guests so this was a natural addition for brides looking to do something above and beyond the traditional boring photo booth
LL: People are always looking for something to make their wedding unique and memorable, and The Slow Motion Booth is able to provide that unforgettableness that everyone is searching for. It is also entertainment and a wedding favor rolled into one, and as a bride or groom, it is a way for you to look back and relive your day over and over again. All of our packages come with an online video for your guests, friends, family, coworkers and more to check out the awesomeness of your event. If you haven’t seen our videos yet – go here.
5. People get pretty wild with the props and stunts! Has there been in any mishaps, or accidents in the booth thus far?
LL: People eat a lot of confetti, trip over the back drop, and spill a lot of drinks, but no matter what happens, it always looks awesome in slow motion.
6. What would you want prospecting clients to know about The Slow Motion Booth?
LL: The Slow Motion Booth is a fun way to kick off any event or wedding reception and will keep guests entertained for hours, and I personally cannot get enough. No matter how many weddings I attend and how many booths I run, there are always new things to try in slow motion.
All Images Sourced from The Slow Motion Booth

The Slow Motion Booth Presents | SD Bridal Show from The Slow Motion Booth on Vimeo.

The Slow Motion Booth Presents | Sarah and Bryan’s Wedding from The Slow Motion Booth on Vimeo.

The Slow Motion Booth

To book The Slow Motion Booth at your Philadelphia event contact Chris.Lucia@theslowmotionbooth.com or visit www.slowmotionbooth.com