Flower Power Micro Wedding at the Waterworks Gazebo

Kimberly Kunda brings us this nature-inspired micro wedding at one of the most iconic locations in the city.

If you’ve lived in Philly for any length of time, chances are you have visited the gazebo behind the Waterworks at least once. It’s pretty typical to see wedding parties having their photo taken there. But it’s not that often we see a full micro wedding at the gazebo! Here’s our interview with the couple, Laura and Jesse:

How did you and your partner meet?

“We actually have lived in the same small town for years, with tons of mutual friends and acquaintances, and had one possible run in with each other, but we officially met on Tinder.”

waterworks gazebo wedding
waterworks gazebo wedding, table
waterworks gazebo wedding table

How Did Jesse Propose?

“We had a family reunion camping trip planned. So while Jesse and I were walking around the campground, visiting various family members, he arranged for my sister to set up our campsite with heart string lights that had dozens of pictures of us together, my favorite song playing, and light up paper bag lanterns that said ‘Marry me?’ I, of course, said yes, and he invited my closest friends and family to come over and celebrate with us that night. They all surprised me throughout the rest of the evening.”

waterworks gazebo wedding, bride
ceremony, waterworks gazebo wedding
ceremony, waterworks gazebo wedding
first kiss

What was your experience in planning your wedding?

“It was very ‘fly by the seat of your pants’. We were engaged in October and married in May, so we only had a short time to figure out what we wanted and how to execute it. Once we had our vision, everything sort of fell into place. We kept it super simple and small, but we had everyone and everything we needed.”

Tell us about why you chose the Waterworks Gazebo.

“The waterworks gazebo just had the most perfect mix of everything, on one side you have the Schuylkill River and Boathouse row, the other the Azalea Gardens, and then the Art Museum as a backdrop. There was so much natural and man made beauty everywhere you looked! Because of that, we had to do very little for decor.”

waterworks gazebo wedding
the boys
waterworks gazebo wedding

What was your inspiration for the wedding?

“Our wedding inspiration was a reflection of our personalities as a couple. We are both really laid back, outdoorsy, nature-loving people. We wanted to bring a calm, relaxed, natural setting to life and I think we were able to accomplish that.”

What was the best memory/moment from your wedding day?

“For me, the best moment of the day was when we said our vows. We took a lot of care and consideration into writing our own vows and it was so heartfelt to hear what the other feels and the love that we share. The celebration afterwards was definitely a bonus though.” 

bride, waterworks gazebo wedding
champagne, waterworks gazebo wedding

What advice can you give to couples planning a wedding?

“Do what makes you happy! And try not to stress about everything being perfect. Sometimes the beauty is in the imperfections.”

Azalea Gardens wedding photo
Azalea Gardens wedding photo
Azalea Gardens wedding photo
Azalea Gardens wedding photo
view of boathouse row
cheers! waterworks gazebo wedding

What was your experience like working with your vendors?

“Oh my gosh, our vendors 🏼MADE 🏼THE 🏼DAY🏼!!! 

We met Kim, from Kunda Photography, in person on the day of the wedding and there’s just something about her that makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. She (and Steve!) made us so comfortable in front of the camera, had great direction for us, and took the most stunning photos!

Ling, from Picnic Palette Co., was an absolute gem. She handled my indecisiveness with grace and poise. Her picnic set up made the entire wedding come to life, we couldn’t have done it without her! 

Tres Fiori made cupcake that were almost too pretty to eat!

And Paul Carey, the chef from Spring Hollow Golf Club, made an incredible spread of food, that served every dietary restriction, and was beyond delicious.”