While a country club, hotel, or mansion is a perfectly good option for most brides, for those who want to get away from the “usual” places for a much more unconventional affair, Philly has a slew of options. Having your nuptials at any one of the places below will have your guests talking about your wedding for months and maybe even years, long after you’ve said your I do’s.

Mask and Wig Club

The Mask and Wig Club, founded in 1889 as an alternative to the existing theatrical and dramatic outlets, is the oldest all-male collegiate musical comedy troupe in the United States. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it would be hard to find an eating and drinking club in Center City as unique or with a colorful history as the Mask and Wig Club. It can accommodate up to 200 guests for an unforgettably unique affair.

Center-city-historical-venues-08via The Mask and Wig 

Magic Garden

For the artsy and unconventional bride, Isaiah Zagar’s Magic Garden offers a truly unique place to celebrate. Covering three whole city blocks, this fully mosaicked indoor and outdoor gallery space can only be described as a whimsical, fascinating labyrinth of mosaics and sculptures. It is certainly the perfect venue for couples who desire to get away from convention.

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A Philadelphia landmark, Moshulu is the world’s oldest and largest square rigged sailing vessel still afloat. Built in Glasgow, Scotland for a German company, originally called Kurt, the ship was confiscated by the U.S. Navy during World War I and was renamed “Moshulu” by Mrs. Woodrow Wilson to honor the native American (Senaca Indian Tribe) meaning “One who Fears Nothing.” The rest of its colorful active history can be found here. In 1975, the Moshulu opened as a restaurant in Philadelphia. Its multi-level decks offer an open air experience, as well as tented space, which is heated for year round use, perfect for weddings and large events. For Philadelphia brides looking to stay off the beaten path, Moshulu is certainly one of a kind venue.

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