Philadelphia Magic Gardens Engagement Session by Bee Dee Blue Photography

Philadelphia Magic Gardens Engagement Session

Bee Dee Blue Photography has captured an amazing Philadelphia engagement session yet again! Philadelphia Magic Gardens served as an awesome backdrop to Aaron and Jessie’s lovely engagement photos. You can observe some of the most eminent spots of the gardens as this couple goes on a romantic journey through it all. This heartwarming session concludes along Kelly Drive, which is one of my favorite parts of the city! Thanks to the ladies of Bee Dee Blue we get to enjoy this captivating day filled with, love + happiness and gorgeous fall foliage!

Philadelphia Magic Gardens Engagement Session

Philadelphia Magic Gardens Engagement Session

“From the Bride-to-be: I went up to Boston to see one of my oldest friends, Jami, over MLK day this past January. My mother secretly emailed her and asked her to set me up with one of her doctor friends. She asked Jami not to tell me that she had meddled, but it was the first thing Jami told me when I arrived. Jami said that she didn’t have any doctor friends, but that she would want to set me up with her friend Aaron from high school. Out of character, I agreed. Jami texted him and he said that he would love to meet a nice Jewish girl from Philadelphia. He was going out of town (he was literally at the airport), but he would text me when he got back. As soon as he was back on American soil, he texted me and we got along right away.”

Philadelphia Magic Gardens Engagement Session

Philadelphia Magic Gardens Engagement Session


Magic Gardens Engagement Session Philadelphia


“I love that he grounds me. I tend to be a little silly and flaky, but he keeps my feet on the ground. I’m a huge procrastinator and he helps me to get things done. We’re a good balance for each other.”

Philadelphia Magic Gardens Engagement Session



“I was in Spain for the month of July, and as soon as I got home, we went straight down the shore. He told me our dinner reservations were for 6:30, and miraculously I was ready on time. Dinner was really at 7, so we decided to go for a walk and to sit by the bay for a few minute. Aaron brought with him some wine in to-go cups and we sat there talking and enjoying the sunset. There was a cigar on the ground, and I made some comment about it being gross. Aaron started to kick it away and I asked why since it wasn’t actually bothering us. He said, “so I can do this” and dropped to one knee. What made the moment all the more special is that he had conspired to have the whole thing captured on camera. Bryn snuck up while I was distracted and Danielle was hidden on the deck of a burger shack. I had no idea they were there until I heard the clicking of Bryn’s camera.”




“I love the Magic Gardens and I knew that I wanted to have some pictures taken in their beautiful space. Also, since it’s autumn, I thought it would be nice to have some pictures taken among the changing leaves.”













“Thank goodness for Aaron. Part of his go-getter personality includes being a huge help in the wedding planning process. He’s definitely just as (if not more) invested in the whole process. He has definitive opinions which is good for me, because I get overwhelmed at too many options. I was never that little girl who dreamt about her wedding, so having a partner who can help sift through all of the details and preparations is amazing.”

Vendors | Photography: Bee Dee Blue Photography | Venue: Philadelphia Magic Gardens |