Hey Philly in Love fans, readers, and vendors! This is going to be a very unusual post on our site but because of recent events, we’ve felt compelled to share this.

Earlier today, 3/19/19, Philly in Love was the subject of a vicious and coordinated attack from individuals posting racist and bigoted comments on our website, facebook, and instagram pages. Don’t worry – we’ve deleted all of them.

We just want to set things straight – Philly in Love believes in LOVE in all of its forms. Black, white, brown, straight, gay, lesbian, etc. Philly in Love is a platform for all people celebrating LOVE. Over the years, we’ve featured hundreds of weddings from all walks of life and we dedicate that Philly in Love will always be a place for anyone who wants to share their LOVE.

We reject racism, sexism, hatred and bigotry OF ALL KINDS. We will not tolerate comments displaying this behavior on our platform or content. And we will never bow to coordinated harassment campaigns designed to intimidate our reads or vendors. Philly in Love is a safe place for positive, uplifting content that inspires and educates.

THANK YOU! Thank you to all our readers, fans, and vendors. Philly in Love could not exist without you. We are so excited to share what we have in store in the future!