Rachael and TJ’s “Sex in the City” Engagement Session by With Love and Embers


What do you get when you mix a flowing tulle skirt, daring red lips, and a totally cute fiance? Then add an already beautiful couple to the beautiful backdrop of the city? You get one amazing engagement session that forged elegance and glam perfectly! & to top it all of With Love and Embers captured all of the pure romance that you will see in Rachael and TJ’s engagement session.  It’s not everyday that I get to channel my inner fashionista, so I couldn’t help but fall in love with Rachael’s inspiration, and her well dressed hubby-to-be right by her side! This lovely pair just recently shared their nuptials, and we are so happy to congratulate this adorable couple! So feast your eyes on this amazing “Sex in the City” inspired e-session!






From the Beautiful Bride-to-be: Due to the fact that I am completely in love with Sex and the City, I try to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw whenever possible! While I was still designing for Urban Outfitters, I was lucky enough to have the chance to attend a BHLDN sample sale before it was open to the public. I snagged the gorgeous tulle skirt that I wore in our engagement photos, not really planning to wear it for that reason, but because….who doesn’t need a tulle skirt in their closet? It was originally $1100, and I got it for $30. Just days before our engagement photos and not loving my outfit idea, I decided to hem the tulle skirt to tea length, pair it with a simple, black, scoop-neck top and a fun necklace. Red lips were a must for makeup. I had so much fun walking around the city in my skirt and I did feel a tiny bit like Carrie, just for a few moments! I am not wearing a puffy wedding gown, so it was fun to wear something a little more voluminous for our engagement photos! Truthfully, I could wear a tulle skirt every day if I had the chance!








































Our Proposal: 

“After college, TJ and I promised each other that we would travel the world together. We did not waste any time. Shortly after TJ’s college gradation, while laying on a gorgeous beach in the Dominican Republic on our first vacation together, we planned our first big adventure. We promised each other that we would take a trip in the coming year. And that we did. 

TJ traveled to Europe just a month before we decided to plan our trip together, on an amazing two week trip with his uncle through Prague, Germany, and Belgium. Due to the time differences, we emailed more than spoke on the phone, and everyday, I looked forward to another email about the amazing experiences that he was having in Europe. One email in particular about Prague and a love lock bridge stood out in both of our minds, so our decision on where to go was pretty easy. 

Prague was perfect. It felt untouched and untraveled, like a magical, completely unrealistic fairy tale town in the middle of Europe. A late September morning and three airports later, after being awake for 30-some hours, TJ and I arrived in Prague, a little grumpy, quite tired but so excited to have finally made it! We somehow managed to walk half of the city that day, drink a few beers, eat some delicious food, and then pass out for a long, much needed sleep. 

The next morning was life as usual. TJ was particularly concerned about his outfit that day, as well as mine, but I thought nothing of it. We left our lovely apartment in the heart of Prague, grabbed a hot croissant and coffee, and walked down to what would become my favorite part of the city. We sat under a bridge, next to what would soon become my favorite cafe, drank coffee and people watched. We snapped some pictures of the “Lovers Bridge”, the bridge in which he spoke about in the email just a year before, and where couples lock love locks and throw the key into the river to symbolize their love for each other. After some time had passed, we decided that lunch and beer were necessary.

TJ suggested the adorable cafe next to the canal for our first lunch in Prague. We sat down at Cafe Marnice, right next to the canal and the most perfect view in the world. TJ suggested wine and a fancy lunch, but I ordered fish and chips and beer. Very us. Still, nothing seemed weird. 

Sometime throughout our early conversations during that lunch, TJ put his hand on mine, got sort of quiet for a second, and I immediately knew what was happening. The rest…was a bit of a blur. For most of it, I had my face in my hands, laughing and crying at the same time, and in utter disbelief. TJ explained how he had wanted, after his last trip to Europe, to bring me to this very spot. And along with some other unforgettable words, he asked the best question in the world. At some point, I did say yes. TJ told me that it took about five minutes or so, but it did happen! It was the best day of my life. 

The rest of the trip was filled with celebrations, calling and FaceTiming with family and friends, and enjoying the most unforgettable week of our lives in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We ended our week by locking a lock onto the “Lovers Bridge” next to our favorite cafe on the canal where we got engaged. Prague will certainly hold a very special piece of our hearts forever.”

From the Photographer: Rachael and Tj, these two are such a truly beautiful couple. Their love formed and grew in Philly but their hearts are meant to travel, together. They built their relationship and their love story in Philly where they live with their adorable little fur baby Alfred. They live to enjoy good drinks and even more travel. Their engagement story itself took place in Prague where they have the fondest memories and are even incorporating things they brought home with them into their May wedding at the Power Plant in Philly.

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