Rainy Center City Proposal at Seger Park by J&J Studios

written by Dolly Marshall

From the photographer, J&J Studios: “It was a cold, rainy day in South Philly, but that didn’t stop Prashanth from proposing to Srushti with photography by J&J Studios. It was dark, raining and cold, three of the worst conditions for photos, but we still managed to get some stunning images for our clients. We are so happy for them and know they are a match made in heaven.

On the blustery 2nd of February 2020, at approximately 7:47 pm, Prashanth got down on bended knee to a resounding yes from his beloved girlfriend, Srushti. We had two photographers on hand to capture this moment with both wide and telephoto angles. Prashanth chose to propose at Seger Park, 1001 Rodman St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. This is a famous dog park in the heart of Center City Philly and a recreation of the couple’s first date.

We got a picture of the set up crew – friends and family who helped set up the lights, candles and roses. After the proposal, we had about 20 minutes for some creative proposal portraits.  We walked around the park in the misting rain for some unique rain photos. Luckily, we brought a clear umbrella along to compliment the weather. After the proposal portraits, we headed over to Tradesman’s where a group of friends was gathered to congratulate the happy couple.”

couple embrace in the rain
couple hold hands in park
couple embrace at night ny fountain
couple kiss in park

The Proposal

When we asked the groom when he first realized he wanted to propose to his partner he said.”Soon after our first few dates, I pretty much knew she was “the one,” and the rest just fell into place really well.

man on one knee proposes to woman
newly engaged couple
couple congratulated on proposal

How They Met

“We actually met on Coffee Meets Bagel!”

couple holding hands
couple kissing
man dips woman outside

Proposal Inspiration

Prashanth says, “for the proposal, I re-created our first date by taking her to eat at the same restaurant and ultimately to the park where I proposed. Our first date was really special to us and I wanted her to always remember it.”

engaged couple enjoy party
engagement party
bride to be with friends
bridal and engagement sign props

Best Moment

“I was really surprised the day of the proposal! He did such a good job of hiding his nerves and I never even suspected it. I was beyond excited and loved every bit of his thoughtfulness in creating the perfect night!”

couple kiss in rain
bride to be tears up after proposal

Wedding Planning

“We are hoping to have a wedding in India and a reception in New Jersey- so far we have our venues booked, but that’s as far as we have gotten with planning due to COVID. Just taking it day by day and hoping for the best!”

engaged couple embrace
couple smiling at each other in the rain
engaged couple smile and hold hands
engaged couple kiss in front of fountain

J&J Studios

“I had read really great reviews about J&J Studios and after a friend recommended them to us, I knew I had to book them!”

Vendor | Photography: J&J Studios