Real Rings: Grace and Alex

When you meet Grace and Alex, you immediately get the sense that they are completely at ease with one another.  After their glam backyard barbecue wedding, this adventurous twosome spent three months on a cross country camping trip exploring our National Parks.  Their rings reflect their personalities – classic and practical, with a confident ease.


How did Alex propose?

Alex proposed in Charleston, SC on a terrace with flower boxes, overlooking the city. After a day at the beach, he suggested we “take one of those selfies you like” on the roof of our hotel. There was champagne waiting when we got upstairs and he was one one knee before I could turn around. He was really nervous and forgot to take out the ring!


Tell us about your engagement ring.

My engagement ring is a white gold 4-pronged cathedral setting with a pave band and a 1 carat round center stone. The cut of the diamond is really beautiful- lots of flash!


How many rings did you try on while deciding?

While deciding on the engagement ring, I tried on rings every time I passed a jewelry store. For our wedding bands, we tried on just a handful.

Why did you pick your ring over another?

I liked how simple and elegant my ring is, and I liked that it would fit with a straight wedding band.  Alex and I both looked at rings together and separately, and then narrowed it down to two. Alex ended up picking my favorite one.




What do you love the most about your ring?

The setting and the sparkle. I use my hands a lot (cooking, gym, crafts and candle making, etc.) and didn’t want a ring that would get caught in anything. I love that I never have to take it off. The cathedral setting has a lower profile than some other rings I tried and I love how it looks from the side.


What were your husband’s considerations when picking a wedding band?

He didn’t want anything too flashy or shiny. He decided on a brushed gold band with a low profile. (It once slid off in the ocean and was buried in the sand for 36 hours. The Ring Finders came to the rescue and found it with metal detectors!)

What’s the best tip you’ve received about selecting a ring?

Pick something timeless!


Photos by Lydia Leclair Photography

Thanks for sharing your ring story, Grace and Alex!

Real Rings: Grace and Alex

written by Lauren Priori


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