Real Rings: Lauren & Will


Photo by Alexandra Whitney Photography

Lauren and Will are the perfect couple – completely in love and totally at ease with each other.  It only makes sense that they chose classically elegant wedding bands!  Read below to see how they picked out Lauren’s engagement ring and both of their bands.


What does your ring look like?

It’s a round solitaire with a small diamond band.  Simple and romantic, just like the proposal 🙂  He asked on a Thursday night by candlelight in our home.  It was the perfect amount of romance for me – subtle, quiet, and cute.

How did you and Will choose your engagement ring?

I thought I wanted a halo when I first started looking. At the time I didn’t think much about about a wedding band. Then, when I was in Indianapolis with my Mom we went into a jewelry store on a whim.  I tried on a few rings with wedding bands.  I realized I liked the halo setting better by itself but liked a solitaire better with a band.  I showed Will a new setting and told him he could decide which he liked best.


Photo by Alexandra Whitney Photography

What do you love the most about your ring?

What I love most is looking down and letting it be a reminder of what it symbolizes. Of course, I also love how sparkly they are!

How did you select your wedding band?

The wedding band was actually more difficult than the engagement ring. I had an idea of what I wanted though, and some amazing help in finding it! I wanted one that complemented my engagement ring without being a duplicate of the band on my ring. And since my engagement ring band is so delicate I wanted the wedding band to be a little more substantial. It took a little time and a lot of “almost but can we try this instead…” but we finally found the perfect band.


Photo by Alexandra Whitney Photography

What were Will’s considerations when picking a wedding band?

He wanted a “shiny” ring like his dad and granddad had. I was partial to the brushed finish but it was his decision and he wanted polished.  After trying on a few finishes, he ended up liking the satin finish best – a sort of combination of the two. It was also my favorite, a modern take on an old classic.

What’s the best tip you’ve received about selecting a ring?

It’s something you will be wearing every single day and it should feel natural – both to physically wear it and as part of your personal style.

Thanks for sharing your ring story, Lauren and Will!

Real Rings: Lauren & Will

by Lauren Priori

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