Reverend Jill Dillner Interviewed on Hooked Weddings

Rev. Jill Dillner has been performing ceremonies in PA & NJ for over 15 years.  Whether single faith, interfaith or no-faith, she believes your ceremony should reflect your relationship and the commitment you are making to each other and your families.  Recently Jill was interviewed by the super awesome wedding web series Hooked Weddings.  We’re sharing a few amazing highlights from their interview, where Jill shares useful tips to help you with your wedding planning.  Watch below!

Visit the Hooked Weddings Youtube channel to find over 30+ more videos with Reverend Jill Dillner!

About Hooked Weddings:

Ever ask yourself, “How does anyone know everything that you need to know about weddings?” Well we’re here to help! Hooked is a new web series where host, Denny Testa, interviews wedding pros, picks their brains, and learn all of their industry secrets. Not only does he share tips and tricks in the series, but he also goes in and gives their jobs a try, so that you can see their skills or advice being tested. Toss out all those wedding books that you don’t have time to read because Hooked is like the cliff notes for weddings, highlighting all the stuff you need to know. For all the less helpful advice, ask your best friend’s sister’s cousin’s neighbor who got married last year.