Find A Gift for Every Occasion at Scarlett Alley

Scarlett Alley is one of Philadelphia’s remaining hidden gems offering gifts for every occasion!  Products range from personalized items to tabletop and home decor,  clothing and accessories and so much more!  From their great customer service to their unique selection of must-haves, there are quite a few reasons to love to this place.  One of the best-selling products at the Old City gift shop is their personalized wedding bowls.  You can also find the perfect gifts for a newly engaged couple, bridal shower, wedding, and beyond.  We spoke with the owner Liz Scarlett to get the inside scoop on what Scarlett Alley has to offer for lovely brides and grooms to be.

Liz Scarlett and Gary Krause owners of Scarlett Alley
Liz Scarlett and Gary Krause owners of Scarlett Alley

Tell us about the start of Scarlett Alley and how it has evolved since the beginning?

Scarlett Alley opened its doors 25 years ago, as an art, furniture, and gift gallery with my Dad’s (Richard) wood workshop running in the back of the store. It all began as a mom-and-pop shop with my Mother (Marykay) and has now evolved to be the go-to-store for gifts, specializing in personalized, new to Philadelphia, and elegant but not-too-expensive accessories and clothes. I now run the shop with my husband Gary.


What items do brides and grooms typically register for?

Engaged couples usually register for tabletop items, from every-day (oven-to-table) distinctive dishes, to fun flatware,  and glasses like the perfect all-purpose goblet or new champagne coupes. They always add in personalized items like monogrammed slate coasters, dated wood lazy susan and our best-selling personalized wedding bowls.

Take us through the process of ordering a personalized wedding bowl.

First, the customer chooses the size, we offer large and small bowls seperately, or they can purchased together as a Nesting Set.  Next, they can choose from 22 colors and 4 patterns.  Most customers get the ‘signature’ wave pattern, but the bowls are also offered in fern, polka dot, and stripes. Lastly, they choose the personalization, what they want the bowl to say. Most people get the couple’s first names and wedding date.  But people have also gotten creative by choosing Bible verses, or even the couple’s wedding song. The personalized bowls have also been used for bridesmaids gifts when one bride wrote poems for each bowl (so sweet)!


What has been your most memorable experience with a bride?

Two of my best brides later became two of my favorite employees! I also got really close with their families and they always come back to visit the store, now with their kids!

What are your favorite items to suggest to someone looking for an engagement gift?

Usually a pretty ring dish and bridal post-it notes, the perfect gesture to say congratulations! If the customer is a relative or going to an engagement celebration, the Riverside Plates with Purpose Tree Engraved (made from recycled sea-glass and benefits CASA) with the couple’s engagement date or a “believe in love” soft and cozy blanket from Barefoot Dreams.


What influences you the most when buying new products?

I ask myself does it fill a void, would it make someone feel good, smile, or simply make life easier.  I also think about if the product is easy to use and understand, and of course I consider if the quality is as good as the price!


Tell us about your core philosophies of growing your brand and why they are important to you.

My aim is to continuously create an inviting and interesting shop by offering a curated selection of ever-changing products with quality design.  We give GREAT customer service, with our gift suggestions which helps the customer find what they need.

Scarlett Alley is the perfect way to gift, visit their local shop or check-out their online store for a unique shopping experience!

Located at 241 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest