Social Media Boot Camp #1

Philly in Love brings you a four week boot camp to help you rapidly grow your social media audience with pre-qualified customers and convert time spent managing FB and IG into increased sales.

Bootcamp #1 is limited to 5 spots and will be conducted virtually in early June

What we’ll cover:

  • The Rapid Audience Growth Strategy
  • Gain 200-500 more Instagram followers by the end of the boot camp
  • Continuously grow your social media audience
  • How to stop wasting time on social media without concrete results
  • Using social media campaigns to collect more leads
  • How effective social media marketing can close more sales
  • The intimate relationship between content and social media marketing
  • How to track your social media audience, your website traffic, and how these work together
  • Using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and your website together as one marketing system

Who Should Take This Course?

  • If you spend 2 or more hours per week on social media
  • If you only post on social media because you feel “obligated to post something”
  • If you have an employee managing your social media without much growth
  • If you have completely automated your social media posts with a 3rd party service like Hootsuite
  • If you feel stuck at 1500-5000 Instagram followers


Want one of the first 5 spots? Let us know for more information:

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