Steph and Ryan’s Impeccably Gorgeous Engagement Session at Talula’s Garden by Alison Leigh

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Whoa, Steph and Ryan were transcending in their beauteous engagement shoot; they could be professional models if you ask me! Aside from being picture perfect, Steph and Ryan are also perfectly in love! Their rosy engagement session went from casual to chic as the couple made their way from the lovely Talula’s Garden to the Ben Franklin Bridge. First, we find the two lovebirds sharing drinks and kisses casually and later Stephanie is a gorgeous sight in her all black attire, which is most definitely complemented by Ryan, whose fancy apparel makes him look like a young James Bond! Though these two are naturally good looking, there is no doubt that Alison Leigh‘s spectacular skills had something to do with their flawlessness. Steph and Ryan clearly belong together; scroll down for proof!

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From the Photographer: Steph and Ryan are Philadelphia natives so we thought it was only natural to shoot their engagement in the city of brotherly love. We started the session at Talula’s Garden in Washington Square. After they shared a cocktail over happy hour we then decided to wonder aimlessly around the cobble stone streets in Old City, discovering hidden treasures that reflect Philly’s authenticity. We decided to end the session walking across the Ben Franklin Bridge to watch the sun set over the Philly skyline. The view is truly magical!

Vendors | Photographer: Alison Leigh | Venue: Talula’s Garden |