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We welcome submissions from local bloggers and industry professionals! We are looking for inspiring content in the form of DIY, Fashion, Beauty, Design, Local Finds, Food, & any other creative ways that are engaging and inspiring. This can also include professional tips, personal projects, and content published on your own blog.  This content must be wedding related and/or specific to the Greater Philadelphia Region (PA, DE, and NJ).  For more information and to contribute content, please email our editor at


Content requirements:

  1. Please send a preview of the full post in a document or PDF. Preview must be a layout of all text and images included.
  2. Include a Word document of all text included in the post.
  3. Include a ZIP folder of all images featured in the post (with Photographers credit).

Technical requirements:

  1. All content submitted must include Title of the Feature, a minimum of 5 images, brief descriptive text, contributor information (full name, website/blog, and a headshot if you prefer)
  2. In your image gallery, please include a feature image. The featured image will be the first photo of the post, so we prefer a picture that is engaging.
  3. All images provided must have the following dimensions

***Landscape oriented photos, 900 pixels on the long side (900×600)
***Portrait oriented photos, 900 pixels on the short side (900×1350)