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Tami and Ryan Photography – Wedding Photographer Highlight

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Who are Tami and Ryan, the artists behind the camera?

We are best friends. We are parents. We are opposites. Tami loves a good romantic comedy, while Ryan prefers action. Tami is an introvert, while Ryan is an extrovert. Together, we are lovers of love, family, photography, travel and new experiences. We absolutely love what we do and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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When did you first realize your passion for photography, and how has this journey cultivated you into the photography team you are now?

It was 2008. I (Tami) was a bridesmaid in my childhood best friends wedding, in romantic Charleston, SC. It was on this day, that I experienced a wedding photographer for the very first time. In that instance, I was inspired! I knew that being a Wedding Photographer is what I was truly meant to do. It didn’t matter that I was in my senior year of college, or that it wasn’t an occupation that I had known that I was going to do my entire life. Instead, it felt like a serendipitous moment – it felt right – it felt meant to be!
The only roadblock that I encountered was – I am an introvert. I didn’t think I could actually make it happen. BUT, Ryan was there, pushing me to do what he knew would be the ultimate DREAM job of mine. And ya know what? Introvert or not, I LOVED the idea of being a wedding photographer SO much, that I made it happen!
Ryan was by my side from my very first wedding, and we’ve captured over 250 together since then! We have grown into the ultimate team – opposites attract in life, and they make the best wedding photographer teams as well! While Ryan is in the middle of the action, I might be off to the side, capturing a more subtle moment elsewhere. I set up a small, romantic moment, and afterwards, Ryan brings in some laughter! We are the yin and yang throughout the day!

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How would you describe your photography style

Our style is full of classic romance and fun, organic moments, while creating bright, beautiful images that will last for a lifetime! We strive to capture the day as it truly unfolded!

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What is the process like for couples who want to book you for their wedding?

We try to keep this process as simple as possible! We understand that, after stalking us on social media, our couples have a pretty good idea of who we are before even inquiring. Once they do reach out, we love to get together and grab a coffee or drink to get to know each other more! Sometimes, this may be difficult, whether because of crazy work/school schedules or because of distance, and we totally understand! So, we will set up a phone call or video chat – whatever works best for them!

We will go over our Wedding Collections, which we’ve thoughtfully put together, trying to include everything our couples could want – and then some! We’ll figure out what will work best for them, their wedding day timeline and their budget, and if needed, we’ll create something custom, just for them, because we understand that each wedding and couple is unique! After they’ve signed the contract and made us official, we’ll start planning their engagement session! On top of that, they’ll receive bi-weekly emails from us covering all topics to do with wedding planning and tips that will help them along the way!

Planning a wedding can be hard for a couple, and we want to not only make sure that choosing us is one of their easiest decisions, but we want to help make the rest of their planning easy as well!

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What do you love most about photographing weddings/couples?

All the feels that a wedding day brings! Being a hopeless romantic, it’s easy to say that I love it all! Mostly I love that our couples trust in us to capture such an important and memorable moment of their lives! By the time their wedding day arrives, we’ve already had the chance to get to know one another through emails, texts, coffee dates, their engagement session, etc. and we can arrive that day, not as just hired vendors, but as friends. We could not be more excited to photograph this day filled with love and laughter and family for this couple that we’ve been able to truly get to know!

We get to capture their personalities, their quirks, those little sweet moments together – all the while, their comfortable with us, knowing that their best interest is in our hearts, and their day will be photographed with their personal love story in mind!

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Besides weddings, what other moments do you like to capture?

We are honored to be a part of so many moments of our couples love stories! From the very beginning at “Will you?” and “YES!” to saying “I DO!” and then comes the “We’re Having a Baby!” and “Look at our Adorable Family!” For each stage of our couples lives, we’re honored when they choose us each time!

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What other locations do you cover in addition to Philadelphia?

While we live in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area, we absolutely love to travel for weddings as well! From capturing an engagement session on the Santa Monica Pier, to a surprise proposal on the beach in Mexico, to a couple saying I do off the coast of Florida, to waking up the morning after a wedding to capture a romantic, Jamaican sunrise session with a bride and groom – needless to say, we’ve got our passports, we’re filled with wanderlust and we’re ready to board a plane to wherever your love story may take us!

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