Tess and Hind’s Royal Wedding at the Merion Tribute House by Haley Richter Photography

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This couple rules! Tess and Hind are one-of-a-kind and their royal wedding looks like pages right out of an old storybook. Set among the beautiful landscape of the Merion Tribute House, this lovely couple posed for the most gorgeous bride and groom portraits.  I am totally in love with all of the vintage decor which was all DIY’ed by the bride! While many things were kept traditional, this couple skipped the ceremony and went straight to their reception to celebrate their love. Haley Richter, has left me in awe with all of the stunning photos that she beautifully captured. Keep scrolling to see more of this lovely wedding below, and prepare to be amazed by all of the beautiful elements tied into such a joyous day.

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How did you and your husband meet?

We had seen each other at yearly summer camps in PA when we were younger, but reunited at a mutual friend’s wedding in Florida. 

How did he propose?

He came to my parents’  house and formally asked my father for my hand in marriage with my consent. 

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From the Bride:

What was your experience with planning your wedding?

I’m an artist and it was like my biggest art project. I had a vision, and little by little, I saw it coming together. I tried to do everything myself so there were stressful moments, but in the end, everything came together exactly as I envisioned. Thanks to good planning and the help of family and friends we couldn’t have been happier. 

What was your best memory/moment from your wedding day?

I would say that everything was the best moment. Every little thing was just wonderful. We couldn’t believe how stress-free and perfect everything was. But he says that the best moment was seeing me for the first time in my wedding dress.

What advice can you give to couples planning a wedding?

Know your limits take all offers for help seriously. The best weddings are the ones where you can see your own hand in it and the hands of the people you care about. From my own DIY elements and favors and centerpieces, to the cakes my mother baked, to the food a family friend prepared, to the band a family friend arranged for, to the flowers a family friend arranged, to the drone a friend flew to capture video of us, and every other amazing thing that people did for us and that we put together for months, it just felt like OUR day.

That’s the other thing. Start as soon as you get engaged. It’s better to be ahead of the game than stressed out the night before our wedding.

Vendors | Photography: Haley Richter Photography | Reception Venue: Merion Tribute House in Merion, PA | Bouquet: Whole Foods Market Wynnewood | Chalk Board: Haley Richter Photography & Design | Decor & Stationary: DIY by bride | Dress Shop/Dress Designer: Bijou Bridal/ Maggie Sottero | Bridal Accessories : veil: GorgeousComplements2, headpiece: TheRaggedDiamond, gloves: GlovesbyJana | Caterer: Cricket Catering/Manakeesh Cafe Bakery | Cake/Bakery: Manakeesh Cafe Bakery (The cake is actually a fake cake! All the actual sweets were cupcakes, pastries and a sheet cake!) | DJ/Band: AICP Madih Group |