Unique Philadelphia Wedding Venues by Cord 3 Films

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Here at Cord 3 Films, we’ve been so lucky to visit so many different wedding venues in the greater Philadelphia area.  And while we love to film at each one, there are a few that truly get us excited!  These are venues that are just a little different from the others, they offer something unique, something extra special for the bride + groom and their guests.  Some are located within museums or galleries and others are simply rich in local history.  Let’s look at four unique and wonderful venues that are perfect for hosting an incredible wedding event in Philadelphia!


The National Constitution Center

Situated in the heart of center city is  The National Constitution Center.  We filmed Jennifer and Andrew‘s exquisite wedding here not too long ago.  It’s a wonderful, large venue located at Independence Mall in Center City.  The venue features access to Signers Hall which showcases bronze statues of our Founding Fathers.  Also included is a rooftop terrace that can accommodate outdoor events and an all-inclusive catering package through their in-house caterer, Brulée Catering.

National Constitution Center Wedding, Philadelphia, PA // Jennifer + Andrew from Cord3Films on Vimeo.


The Please Touch Museum



The Please Touch Museum is another fabulously unique venue in Philadelphia.  Memorial Hall is the setting, located within Fairmount Park in the western part of the city.  The historic reception hall, which was once the site of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition, can accommodate up to 3,000 guests.  Several distinctive halls are available for rental and a 100+ year old grand carousel featuring hand-carved animals is ready to ride.  Brulée Catering is the exclusive caterer for this venue as well.  Check out Regina and Joshua’s wedding highlight to see more of the Please Touch Museum after hours!

Please Touch Museum Wedding- Philadelphia, PA // Regina + Joshua from Cord3Films on Vimeo.

Cescaphe’s Atrium at the Curtis Center



We love weddings at Cescaphe’s Atrium at the Curtis Center.   The historic Curtis Center lies between Independence Hall and Washington Square Park.  The venue is one of six magnificent Philadelphia locations managed by Cescaphe Event Group.  The Curtis Center features an amazing 12-story Atrium and a 750 square foot Tiffany mosaic mural!  We’ve filmed many glamorous weddings at this glamorous location.  Jaimee and Stephen’s lovely reception took place here, with light pink accents placed throughout. And check out Lauren and Paul’s elegant wedding reception awash in fuchsia lighting.

Atrium at the Curtis Center Wedding- Philadelphia, PA // Lauren + Chris Feature from Cord3Films on Vimeo.

Phoenixville Foundry



Finally, Phoenixville Foundry, located in Greater Philadelphia, combines history with the present in Phoenixville, PA.  The historic building is one of the oldest structures in the city, with 60 foot high ceilings that display the original hip shaped roof and clerestory windows.  However, the interior has been completely modernized.  The industrial theme is showcased in this venue, celebrating the rich history of the steel foundry.  In the Heritage Center, historic artifacts from the Phoenix Iron and Steel Company are on display and the building’s steel trusses are exposed in the West Wing Ballroom.   You also can’t miss the enormous wood cantilever crane which still sits in its original location, now the Cupola Ballroom.  We were lucky to visit the Phoenixville Foundry when our super sweet clients Jessica and Brian were married at this exciting venue.  Take a look at their wedding highlights to see more of the Phoenixville Foundry!

Phoenixville Foundry Wedding- Phoenixville, PA // Shannon + Bryan from Cord3Films on Vimeo.

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