Vibrant Farm Wedding at Lauxmont Farms by GraceD Photography

Jule and Paul’s colorful Philadelphia engagement session was a beautiful prelude to their gorgeously vibrant wedding!  GraceD Photography captured the colorful essence of this couple’s vibrant love, set behind the rustic setting of Lauxmont Farms.  The joyous vibes, and never-ending laughter + smiles are what really made this wedding the perfect celebration.  Romantic colors, pretty floral designs, and undeniable love, are just a few elements that easily make this wedding truly inspiring.

From the Photographer, Grace Dickinson: “When Jule walked out in a red dress, I knew it was going to be an awesome day. And it was.

Jule and Paul’s wedding undoubtedly deserves two (or three, if that’s possible) thumbs up! The couple’s chemistry shines through in every photo of the day and their comfortableness both with each other and just with the day in general put everyone around them at ease and in high spirits.

Laughter abound, as did plenty of lighthearted goofiness. Both Jule and Paul aren’t afraid to get a little silly nor look a little silly – that goes for with each other, with their friends and even with me, their photographer. As a result, if there was one word to sum of the essence of their day, simply stated, that word would be “fun”.

Even their officiant took a fun spin, playing out a Monty Python-esque scene as he ran from the Lauxmont farm fields to arrive at the ceremony center. The audience watched with a laughing suspense. Later, Paul completed the scene by riding up via horse.

Jule and Paul did their wedding right. They had fun. And lots of it. Sure, I’m certain tons of planning and likely some stress went into it, but no sign of any anxiousness showed up on their day. They simply let loose and acted purely as themselves – a couple in love and at ease with one another.

We had fun wandering around Lauxmont Farm’s property, a countryside venue where at night you can hear the crickets and see the stars. You can’t beat the romance of a venue out in the middle of nowhere. A table full of pies and a sparkler exit concluded this magical day.”

How They Met: 

“We met through a mutual friend at a party in the summer before our sophomore year of college. He was (and still is) cute, funny, and easy to talk to, but what really set him apart was that he heard I wasn’t feeling very well, and came over and held my hand. It was such a simple gesture, but no one had ever done anything like that before, and here was this guy I didn’t even know reaching out to make me feel better. Also, he had a great car, haha! (1968 Buick Skylark).”


The Proposal:

“We spent the day doing some of our favorite things, and then he said he wanted to go for a hike. The location of the hike was near a Revolutionary War-era tower that we had always wanted to climb, but every time we visited, it had been closed. That day it was open (I found out pretty soon this was not a coincidence), and when we got to the top there was a bouquet of roses and champagne! It took me an embarrassingly long time to catch on to what was happening, but once I did, I was so excited. He got down on one knee and the rest is history!”

Wedding Planning Experience:

“Our goal was to have a wedding that was a true reflection of the two of us, so with each decision we made we were both a part of it.  There are a million options out there, so sorting through the options to decide what we wanted took some time. Fortunately we had a long engagement which allowed us to get things done at a pace that was not stressful.”

Wedding Inspiration:

“We’ve known each other for a long time, so we knew the wedding needed to reflect who we had become as a couple. We also wanted to throw a great party for our friends and family.  We selected a venue that allowed us to feel relaxed in a beautiful setting but also make it our own.  In the end it was more romantic than we expected it to be, but we absolutely loved how everything turned out.”

Best Memory:

“My best memory was reading our vows to each other. We wrote them ourselves, and it was incredibly special and moving to hear what Paul had to say. I’ll never forget it!”

“His best memory is seeing me walk down the aisle.”

Wedding Planning Advice:

“Having a coordinator on the day really allowed us to enjoy every moment. Also, try to weave in some delightful and unexpected experiences that reflect who you are as a couple for your guests – they are what makes the day uniquely yours.”

 Wedding Vendor Experience:

“Our vendors were much more partners than they were vendors, and we wouldn’t have changed any of them.  We had great people to work with that we placed our trust in, and everyone delivered and made us look good.  You can see through Grace’s incredible pictures how happy we were and what luck we had with the weather.  It was a perfect day.”

Vendors | Photography: GraceD Photography | Venue: Lauxmont Farms | Planner: Simple Soiree | Flowers: Weddings and Blooms | Trees: Go Native Tree Farm | Catering: The Scarlet Runner | Band: The Bailsmen | DJ: DJ TRx | Photobooth: FX Photo Booths | Furniture: La Lucia Boutique