Wedding Inspiration: 10 Wedding Rice Substitutes

You’ve just finished exchanging your vows, you’re officially married, and you’re walking up the aisle past your friends and family, and they are showering you with love. And rice?! The timeless tradition of throwing rice or food after a wedding is to symbolize good luck, fertility, and abundance. While rice is the tradition, it can get stuck in your hair, thrown in your eyes, and induce injury if slipped on. Rice throwing is one of those traditions that is slowly fading into the past. However, we don’t want brides and grooms to miss out on being celebrated by their guests and a great photo op! Here are a few even-better suggestions in lieu of rice, from pom poms to feathers. The possibilities are endless!

1. Balloons


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2. Streamers


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3. Tissue Paper Confetti

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4. Monopoly Money


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5. Silly String



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6. Feathers


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7. Pom Poms

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8. Flags


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9. Glow Sticks


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10. Sparklers


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