Whimsical Wedding at The Fairmount Park Horticulture Center by GraceD Photography

Tierney and Efi’s whimsical wedding was a joyous fete, thoroughly composed by highly rated Philadelphia wedding vendors!  GraceD Photography graciously  captured all of the love, alluring details, and natural amenities that transpired this day at the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center.  I must say, one of the best features of this wedding has to be the jaw dropping rose altar created by Kremp Florist, it was absolutely beautiful and certainly created an ethereal stage for this couple’s ceremony.  However the most incredible sight to see was definitely Tierney, with her discernible natural beauty accompanying the aid of Beautiful Brides Philly, who totally dolled her up for this special day!  This DIY wedding is chuck full of amazing details, awesome vendors, and assured inspiration all waiting below!

Philadelphia Wedding Hotel Monaco GraceD Photography

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Philadelphia Wedding Hotel Monaco GraceD Photography

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How they met:

“Tierney and Efi originally met in Boston through mutual friends but job offers led them to venture together everywhere from LA to their current home in NYC. The two were together for 7 years when they decided to tie the knot.”

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From the Bride: “My husband, Efi, and I met seven years ago in Boston at a small gathering hosted by a mutual acquaintance. We didn’t click that night — he actually asked for my friend’s number! — but we got together again the next night and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Efi took me totally by surprise when he proposed while we were visiting friends in Brooklyn. One of my closest friends, who also happens to be an excellent photographer, was hiding nearby and captured the magical moment, before Efi whisked me off to an awesome surprise party with all of my friends and family. Next it was time to plan the best wedding ever! I knew before we even got engaged that The Horticulture Center in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park was the wedding venue of my dreams. Together Efi and I (okay, it was mostly me) planned a beautiful, whimsical wedding complete with colorful roses, a killer band and a pretty adorable cake topper. The best wedding advice I received was to take a moment amid the madness to look around and really appreciate that everyone we loved was there to support us and our marriage. Luckily dancing the hora provided the perfect opportunity for such a moment. I’ll never forget watching all of my favorite people circling around us and having the time of their lives!”

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From the Photographer: “Both laid-back souls, Tierney and Efi chose a down-to-earth (and I mean that quite literally) venue for their wedding, of which they decorated with tons of adorable DIY details. Held in the beautiful Horticulture Center in Philadelphia, the setting for their wedding day seemed almost surreal. Gorgeous green plants filled the greenhouse interiors of the Horticulture Center, and just steps away outside, the area’s surrounding cherry blossom trees were nearing their peak. Dreamy!

Of course we utilized the pretty-in-pink backdrop of the trees to capture the spirit of Tierney and Efi’s love. This wasn’t too hard to do, given that after the first look (near the 18th Century Garden in Old City, Philadelphia), the two couldn’t stop beaming at each other.

Laughter and jokes abound during both the couple portraits and bridal party photos, which made for a fun and lighthearted experience.

An elegant and memorable excerpt from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (Love is a Temporary Madness) was read during the ceremony, as were the couple’s handwritten vows.

This led into cocktail hour where guests were able to take-in all of the DIY details that Tierney and Efi helped to produce for the day. Adorable photos of the couple were strung along the guestbook on a table lined with roses. You’ll see Tierney and Efi dressed as Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog in one of them, two figures that also topped the “naked”, lightly-frosted wedding cake.

The remainder of the day led into the best kind of unabashed dance party – the kind where all of the girls quickly quick off their heels and everyone starts moving. Tierney switched into a short cocktail dress and her and Efi broke it down.

All in all, a beautiful night and wedding day to capture.”

Tierney & Efi – Ending Montage from New Pace on Vimeo.

Vendors | Photographer: GraceD Photography | Florist: Kremp Florist | Videographer: New Pace Wedding Films | Event Planner: Gail Ming | Hair and Makeup: Beautiful Brides Philly | Band: Bigg Romeo | String Trio: Miss Musique | Cake & Cupcakes: Whipped Bakeshop | Cake Topper: Top of the Cake | Dress: Selia Yang | Catering:  STARR Events | STARR Catering Group | Getting Ready: Hotel Monaco |