kimberly kunda photography engagement session

Wintertime Old City engagement session by Kimberly Kunda Photography

written by Dolly Marshall

Claire and Ethan love the holidays and the neighborhood of Old City in Philadelphia turned out to be the ideal setting for an amazing engagement session. From Washington Square to Independence Hall, the couple enjoys this part of town for its cozy corners and secret hideaways which were perfect to share a kiss or two! Says the couple, “This is our favorite time of year to walk around the city, so we really wanted to capture that mood in our engagement photos!”

couple embracing outside
couple holding hands on cobblestone street
couple embracing outside in front of bridge

How They Met

“We met in a PhD program for Chemistry at UPenn. We first met at Claire’s orientation picnic over a game of flip cup, but we didn’t start dating until 4 years later. We got to know each other better through our shared interest in the TV show “The Bachelor”. After an adventurous second date where we walked 13 blocks in the infamous blizzard of 2016 (Claire was in ballet flats despite Ethan’s best efforts to loan her better footwear) only to find out the concert was canceled, we knew we could get through anything.”

couple arm in arm on couch in cabin
couple sitting on couch in wood cabin
couple wrapped in plaid blanket

Ethan shares what they love most about each other, “Thankfully we both enjoy good food and good wine. This is great for both exploring Philadelphia’s restaurant scene and cooking meals together. We also enjoy going to the theater, where Claire does her best not to sing along as loud as she can. Together we can be silly, nerdy, focused, and fun.”

couple kissing on sidewalk
couple sitting in adirondack chairs outside
couple kissing

The Proposal

“Ethan proposed on a hike through Wissahickon Valley Park. It was a beautifully sunny day, and as we walked on a quiet shaded path down by the river, he got down on one knee and I said yes!”

engaged couple holding hands
engagement ring in leaves
engaged couple sitting on bench outside

Engagement Session Inspiration

“Like many people, we love the holidays! One of our first dates was to get drinks and then go ice skate at the RiverRink. Ever since then, it has held a special place in our hearts. Also, the cabins provided an excellent location to get classy photographs of another favorite winter activity: snuggling under blankets.”

couple in warm embrace outside
couple holding hands in park
couple under plaid blanket in cabin
couple snuggling outside

Wedding Planning

“Don’t procrastinate, and come up with a plan. Set small goals to complete every week. Checking things off a list is very satisfying, and you’ll constantly be making progress! Spend time looking at various examples of everything to get an idea of what you both like and don’t like so you can come up with a theme that fits both of your interests.”

couple laughing together
man spinning woman while dancing near bridge
woman and man holding hands on deck

Kimberly Kunda Photography

“What can we say about Kim Kunda! She doesn’t just take pictures, she got to know us as people. She found the parts of our relationship that we value most, and combined them with her impeccable eye to produce photos that capture candid moments of joy that were true to us. Posing for pictures is inherently awkward, but she did an incredible job of putting us at ease so that we were natural. We are so happy with our photos and can’t recommend her enough.” 

Vendor | Photography: Kimberly Kunda Photography