About Us

Philadelphia is an amazing city with rich history, vibrant art and culture, and diverse neighborhoods. Not only it is the birthplace of America, it is also a great modern incubator for creative talents.  As one of the largest wedding markets in the country, Philadelphia, at times, live in the shadows its neighbors, New York City or Washington, D.C. We want to change the perception that Philly is the smaller and lesser cousin of our bigger neighbors.

That passion brought the idea of Philly in Love to fruition. Here at Philly in Love, we want to highlight everything that Philadelphia has to offer. With focus on exciting local engagements, weddings, and date night ideas, we’ll take you out on an adventure in exploring everything great about Philadelphia.

Philly in Love also aspires to be an avenue for our fellow vendors to showcase their amazing talents. We want to stand up for local vendors by embracing their gifts and ideas, as unique and diverse as Philly itself, and most of all, create well curated creative content that will inspire our readers.

Simply said:
If you are in love and you love Philadelphia, this is the blog for you.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you’ll visit us often!

The Crew at Philly in Love