Authentic Philadelphia Engagement Session by GraceD Photography

Danielle and Tim are the kind of couple who instantaneously give you “perfect match” vibes.  GraceD Photography willfully captured the pure romance brimming between this loving couple.  Love is in the air for these two lovebirds, and their enamored presence will have you feeling smitten!  This engagement session is transparently a visual composition of beautiful Philadelphia landmarks that exhibit history, and charm, much like this couple’s connection.  Stay tuned, because if these photos represent just an ounce of what’s in store for their upcoming wedding, then I can only imagine that it’ll be a beautiful day to remember!

GraceD Photography Philly In Love Dilworth Park

GraceD Photography Philly In Love Dilworth Park Philadelphia Engagement

GraceD Photography

How they met:

“Five years ago, our mutual friend, Sean (who will be our officiant), was celebrating his birthday at the POV at the W in Washington, DC. I danced towards Tim to say hello. When Sean noticed us talking, he came over, looked at me, and asked (while squeezing us together in a huge group hug), Do you want to meet the best man you’ll ever meet in your life? We laughed, and well, the rest is history.”

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GraceD Photography PhillyinLove

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From the Bride-to-be: “Tim is very patient, supportive, and kind. Oh, and his beard ;)”

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How he proposed:

“It was our 5th year anniversary week and we went to dinner at the hotel we met. After dinner, we headed to the roof top to get a glimpse of the best view in the city and to enjoy some bubbly. As we were walking in, he got down on one knee and proposed. I was so surprised and immediately started crying. Then when someone yelled, “say yes,” I noticed that 15 of our closest friends were there to witness and be a part of this incredible moment. It still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.”

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Engagement session inspiration:

“We wanted to have fun and keep it authentic to us while incorporating some classic Philly landmarks. Tim is from the area, but I am not, so the LOVE statue was an absolute must for us. Our wedding is at the Skybox, a very industrial venue in Fishtown, so we wanted some of our photos to have a similar feel. Grace took us to some great spots and did an amazing job with our shoot. The under bridge shot was so unexpected but so perfect for us. We have so few photos of the two of us so we took full advantage of this photo opportunity with such a talented photographer and even changed a few times to get as many great shots as possible :)”

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Wedding planning:

“YES. It’s been great. A lot of work but a lot of fun. I wish we were closer to Philly to actually meet with vendors but everyone has been super accommodating to help us plan from a few hours away.”

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From the Photographer | Grace Dickinson: “Danielle, Tim and I wandered around Old City after a quick visit to the LOVE statue in Dilworth Park for Danielle and Tim’s engagement session.

It’s amazing what you can capture within just a four or five block radius, especially when you’ve got two lovebirds with you full of laughter and smiles. We got creative at some different spots, taking in both the urban setting that surrounded us and also finding ways to make Philly look like…well, not entirely Philly. For instance, we found a great highway underpass to utilize for some neat photos, and also some pretty green foliage nearby that underpass that normally I’d skip right over with my eyes.
One of the highlights, or at least funny memories, from the day was when Danielle accidentally hit the car alarm while her and Tim were doing a quick outfit change. “Hey everyone, we’re naked!” she joked after getting out of the car. Priceless.

Later we ventured to the always charming Elfreth’s Alley, first making a quick stop at the mural just outside of Cafe Ole.

Can’t wait till Danielle & Tim’s wedding later this year, as I’m sure more lighthearted moments and laughter will abound.”

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