Bridal Shower Themes: Bridesmaids the Movie

The movie “Bridesmaids” is an award-winning comedy based on the trials and tribulations of the stress that goes into planning a wedding. With a comedic relief this movie is easily a fan favorite, and  could certainly be used for bridal inspiration. Disclosure for all the people who haven’t watched the movie, I wont give away too much but just enough to entice you to watch this movie. The bridal shower event in the movie has topped any and everyone who has ever had a Parisian bridal shower theme. When I say over the top I’m talking about horse rides to the door and cute puppy party favors, for everyone who has seen the movie you know what I’m talking about. The bridal shower Helen coordinated was totally amazing and that is why we want to show you how to recreate a “Bridesmaids” bridal shower theme!


The invitations sent on the movie had music, rose petals, even a butterfly, really a butterfly Helen! Although the invitations were over the top they were beautifully made. You could possibly imitate those invitations by sending them in a box or try a  simpler route by sending a card that has a funny quote from the movie.

il_570xN.441733592_lenqPerksofaurora | Bridesmaids Movie Quote Card

Table Setting and Food

For the decor and table setting something pink, girly, and fun is reminiscent of the movie. Also serving Parisian hor d’oeuvres , would set the mood for this theme.

whitneys bridal shower-021

whitneys bridal shower-042

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whitneys bridal shower-020

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Wouldn’t you like to arrive at a bridal shower and before you can even get to the entrance you’re greeted with pink refreshing lemonade? I know I would! So for this particular bridal shower theme, make sure you have some pink lemonade and  don’t forget Champagne!

parisian-themed-girls-night-in-Barvia Hostess with the Mostess


In the movie the party favors for all the guests were cute golden retriever puppies, except Annie, no, she can’t have one. You could present each guest with a puppy or be a little innovative and get them a stuffed golden retriever toy.


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“Lillian, this is not the you that I know! The you that I know would have walked in here and rolled your eyes and would have thought that this was completely over the top, ridiculous, and stupid! Look at this shower! Look at that *fxcking* cookie! Did you really think that this group of women was gonna finish that cookie? Really, and you know that reminds me actually; I never got a chance to try that *fxcking* cookie!” -Annie, Bridesmaids

For dessert you should think about that giant cookie and chocolate fountain,  and we can’t forget that Eiffel tower cake either! So maybe a chocolate fondue fountain by the dessert table would be great! Also maybe you could offer your guests a Patisserie with little french goodies.