Local Vendor Highlight: Daneene Jensen and Associates | Hair & Makeup

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Daneene Jensen and Associates is a multi- award winning professional team of hair and makeup artists that serves the bridal party at their location of choice.   Daneene and her talented partners serve the Philadelphia and surrounding markets, as well as South NJ, the Jersey Shore, Lehigh Valley and the Poconos.  Their team members are not only highly skilled artists, but sincere and compassionate individuals who want nothing more than to deliver the perfect look for the bride and her party!  The ambition of Daneene Jensen and Associates is to provide impeccable service in a prompt and organized manner to make the bride’s day as stress free and enjoyable as possible!  We had the opportunity to chat with Daneene, one of our listed Philly In Love recommended vendors to discuss her business and her amazing crew of artists.

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Tell us more about yourself and your amazing team of artists.

I worked as a hair and makeup artist in the print, film and video industry for many years. I enjoyed it, but it was extremely demanding on the schedule with much travel involved. When I got married, I was finding myself to only be home a few days a month due to the shooting schedules of the catalogs I did hair and makeup for. When I had my first child, now 11, a photographer suggested that I get into hair and makeup for bridal parties. I took on a few weddings the first season and decided that it was a great fit for my growing family.

What makes “Daneene Jensen and Associates” unique, and what does your company take pride in the most?

I take enormous pride in our team. It is equally important to me to have artists that are not only outstanding on an artistic level, but genuinely good, patient, sincere individuals who take pride in delivering the utmost level of customer service. I worked very hard to build the reputation of my business and therefore I take extreme care in who I hire. Every one of our team members was a direct referral from another team member. I value the team immensely and believe they regard me as not only their boss, but as a friend. This mutual respect between us only benefits our clientele because we all aim for Daneene Jensen & Associates to be the best in each market we serve.

Have you ever encountered any major hair/makeup mishaps right before a wedding?

We have had the occasional artist that has fallen ill or had a traffic incident enroute to a wedding. I do prepare for potential mishaps and I have always been able to remedy the situation so that the bridal party still received their services in a timely manner.

Photo by Sweetwater Portraits

Who inspires you? & where do you draw inspiration from for hair/makeup trends?

Our clients are our inspiration. We do not want anyone to feel unlike themselves on a day as important as their wedding. When all eyes are on her while she is walking down the aisle and when her husband to be sees her for the first time ……the last thing a bride needs is to do is feel self-conscious or unlike herself. We do not aim to make anyone into anyone other than the most confidently beautiful version of the woman they already are.

Besides Philadelphia, what other surrounding areas do you serve? & how far will you travel for your clients?

We service DE, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Lancaster County, Lehigh Valley and the Poconos, the NJ shore and at times Northern NJ.

Photo by Sweetwater Portraits

What do you love most about your work?

Being able to deliver exactly what someone had in mind for themselves, or having them get tearful and emotional when they look at themselves in the mirror when we finish is one of life’s best rewards!

What advice can you give to local brides-to-be searching for a hair/makeup artist?

Referrals from friends are a great way to start your search, and reviews speak for themselves. You are planning in a very convenient age where you can get referrals from lots of others online. Book a team with a great reputation , then do a trial run before the wedding to insure you and your artist are in sync. Take care of yourself, book your beauty team to come to you on your wedding day, kick back with a mimosa and enjoy it!


Daneene Jensen & Associates