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Your wedding day will be one of the most joyous days of your life!  Let the flowers from your wedding create a loving-ripple effect across South Jersey and Philadelphia.  At Forget Me Knot Flowers, we help you share the joy by re-purposing your wedding flowers into bedside bouquets for those in nursing homes, care facilities + hospitals.  Together, we will bring your love full-circle

Forget Me Knot Flowers

What were your initial thoughts when creating your business Forget Me Knot Flowers? What fostered you to establish your business?

We were inspired by actually needing this type of service for our own daughter’s wedding this past May.  My daughter, and her fiancé wanted to donate the flowers from their reception to a local nursing home, after searching for an organization that provides this service, we found nothing.  We saw a need, and a seed was planted for Forget Me Knot Flowers.

Tell us more about Leona, who is the woman behind the mission?

I love creating connections with people through simple yet beautiful ideas, whether it’s designing stationery, writing a handwritten note or starting a conversation with a stranger, always starting with simplicity. In conversing with the residents, and patients we meet along our journey of delivering bedside bouquets, the conversation starts with the topic of love. “We’re delivering you these beautiful flowers, because You Are Loved.”  Some of our bouquet tags actually state – ‘You are loved’, others – a love quote.

What is the process like for gathering and delivery floral arrangements?

After the couple has contacted us, with the details of the who, what,  and where (and they are generally referred by their planner, or florist, or through social media or former clients), our team collects the arrangements at the end of the reception. From there we restyle the floral arrangements into bedside bouquets, in addition to love quote tagging.  Then the personal delivery goes to the determined care facility, and all thoughts are on those dealing with loneliness, sickness, terminal illness or injury.

Forget Me Knot Flowers

How do you think couples can benefit from making their donation?

Our couples want to incorporate a charitable element into the wedding.  What better way to start a marriage?  Today, there is more awareness of the excess at the end of the night, and couples like the idea of sharing their joy-filled flowers to connect with those who need a boost. Donating your wedding flowers is one of the first opportunities newlyweds have to give back as a married couple. Because we are a non-for-profit, the donation for this service is 100% tax deductible.

In what ways does Forget Me Knot Flowers help hospital patients?

In seeing the surprise, and joy on unsuspecting recipients, it is clear how much this gesture means. Talk about giving someone a boost, telling them how much they are loved, and spending time with them! Research has shown flowers have an impact on happiness, positive effect on moods, and a higher sense of gratitude. Flowers make intimate connections!  We know we are making an impact by the generosity of our couples in spreading their love through their wedding flowers.

What has been your most memorable donation thus far?

A memorable moment…hmm…there have been a few.

A woman in a recent nursing home visit, told me, that she had the ‘blues’ that day and with a joyous smile exclaimed that the flowers had “lifted her up!” with a big thank you and a hug! The simple power of giving flowers!

Another memorable event was on my visit to the Ronald McDonald House (our bride had a special connection with this facility). I met a lovely family being together having lunch in the cafeteria, when i walked in with a cart full of flowers. A big smile came over their faces, and the young mother said…”WOW, they look like quality wedding flowers!”  She then wanted to learn all about Forget Me Knot Flowers – what we do, how we do it and she also wanted to get involved in helping to promote donating flowers! The conversation took her mind off her child’s health issues, just for a moment.
Forget Me Knot Flowers

What are your coming plans for the future?

Plans for the future include collaborating with area High Schools to create volunteer opportunities;  partnering with the efforts of Wish Upon a Wedding, teaming up with nursing homes that sponsor ‘Senior Proms’ to donate boutonniere and corsages, and to be the ‘go to’ name for wedding flower recycling! In addition to getting a TV interview which would have a huge impact on creating awareness of our organization!

What’s one thing you think people should definitely know about Forget Me Knot Flowers?

In the big scheme of all the wedding planning, preparation, and expenses, it all comes down to something very simple. What can we do to make a difference in someone’s life?  Most of the time, the answer is uncomplicated, and right in front of you!

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