Local Vendor Highlight: Lovely Bride

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Lovely Bride is an Old City neighborhood favorite that has bridal dresses from a selection of amazing designers. This elegant petite boutique is open by appointment only to make sure you are provided with the best service possible! Lovely Bride serves Philly, NY, LA, and DC, each of their local stores have a local touch, but each remain to embody the sense and feel of Lovely Bride.  The Philadelphia boutique exclusively sells gowns from designers Anna Campbell, Carol Hannah, Elizabeth Dye, Ivy & Aster, Nicole Miller, and many more. This shop is for the modern bride that is looking for something a little more unique than a traditional bridal gown. The price range is balanced so most brides can shop here and find a dress within their budget. We had the pleasure to chat with Ivy, the owner of the Philadelphia location… here’s what she had to say for our exclusive Q & A!

1.     What fostered your decision to open up a Lovely Bride franchise here in Philadelphia?


Since I was a little girl, I always wanted my own boutique.  After working in retail management, I decided it was really time for me to take the leap to open my own store.  Once I started looking into bridal, I realized there was a definite place for Lovely here in Philly as the vast majority of our designers were not represented here.  I wanted to bring Lovely’s fun and modern take on bridal to our great city.


2.     What can brides expect when they shop at Lovely?


When brides come to Lovely they can expect a great one-on-one experience that really feels like they are shopping with their friend as our bridal consultants style them head to toe.  Brides will find gowns that have a very soft and feminine feel, not quite as traditional as some other bridal stores.  We like to be unique.


3.     How would you describe the feeling that your clients have when they find “The Dress”?


Finding “The Dress” is a great moment of excitement that is a little different for every bride.  Tears, laughter, relief, and more all play a part into brides’ reactions.


4.     What do you think sets Lovely apart from other bridal shops in Philadelphia, what makes Lovely so special?


Our gowns are really what set us apart from other bridal shops.  I always recommend that brides do their research on what designers each store carries, so you can find the store that best fits your own bridal style.  In addition to our style perspective, we truly pride ourselves on our customer service.  Bridal shopping should be a fun experience and we strive to ensure that.


5.     What new ventures or collaborations are you currently working on? What can we expect from Lovely in the near future?


We are always working on local vendor collaborations.  We love doing photo shoots with other bridal vendors so we can show our gowns really coming to life.  Our biggest news right now is that Lovely just debuted our own collection of gowns called The Lovely One.  Make an appointment to come try them on!

We appreciate this exclusive insight for Lovely Bride, Philadelphia. We definitely agree that Lovely is a unique gem that were happy to see in Philadelphia, and even more exciting to hear about the launch of The Lovely One collection. Thanks so much Ivy for chatting with us and sharing these amazing photos of the store taken by Lindsay Docherty Photography!

Copyright Lindsay Docherty Photography http://www.lindsaydocherty.com

Copyright Lindsay Docherty Photography http://www.lindsaydocherty.com

Copyright Lindsay Docherty Photography http://www.lindsaydocherty.com

Brides to be make sure you check out the amazing The Lovely One collection! Lovely also offers bridal attire not only for the bride but the maids, guests, and accessories for all, on their online store Shop Lovely. Their selection of Little White Dresses (LWD’s) can be perfect for a rehearsal dinner dress, reception dress, or for the bridal shower! Also, let your bridesmaids and guests know about their online store, they also have super cute dresses just for them too!

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Photos are sourced from LovelyBride and TheLovelyOne


By appointment only, closed Monday and Tuesday.
Address: 237 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106